GSX-R 750 - Best road bike ever?

Ive only got 6 letters and 3 numbers for you


would out corner a gixxer 750 with ease :smooooth:

and thanks to the low gearing it gets to 50-60 with ease

You need gears to get to 60?

tight track or b-road…yeh probably, non go kart track:D gixxer would leave it behind, you wont getting knee down into 3 figures on the 690:D:D

jay soften up your forks dude, there way way way to hard for the road!

take it down a bit and you will get a lot more feel. If your not doing any more cross europe trips put plus two on the rear sprocket also :slight_smile:

its a lovely bike jay it just begs to be spanked but never freaks you out to much… Awesome…

Not all KTMs need gears to get to 60 . Just the wrong cogs.

The fact that mine wont start at the moment has no bearing on my bad mood :hehe:

you still got yours?

Yeah, the forks could do with softening up, but the rear is pretty damn near spot-on.

Loved the “you need gears to get to 60” comment!!

no but i rode jays for two days! :wink: iv got a KTM Enduro bike than im racing for fun instead. but when im done with enduro i would defo buy another 750.

i like my odd ball capacities, the two bikes i have at the moment are 200cc and 400cc lol.

yup rear is sweet jay.

i dont think you need to pick one bikes as the “best” road bike ever.

its a fact that you need more than one bike in your life! and any bike can give you mega fun at any one time…

Agree with all of the 750 love- mine is perfect. Enough power but not too much, light enough yet stable enough.:slight_smile:

I might try the larger rear sprocket Adz next time I need a new C&S.

Totally agree with you “Jay”, the gsxr750 is the best bike on the road, not as revvy as the 6 and not as top end as the 1000, perfect balance of power and weight.

I promised myself id never sell mine unless it was to replace it with another gixer…untill I rode the s1000 (which I had to own as its bonkers!)

May get another 750 in the future for a bit of fun, but won’t be buying a new one!

Jay what did you do to cure the front end handling problems you were having last year. :slight_smile:

I put an older, non electric steering damper on :slight_smile: Though admittedly taking a bit of weight off the front of the bike has detracted from that a little, but I’m not riding this bike as hard nowadays, seeing as it’s a commuter :slight_smile:

Not had any problems on the S1 yet!

I like the Ducati 848 myself. :hehe: