Group Photo

You know… I’ve been thinking - I’ve been reading a lot of Motorbike books lately - most of them about Bike Clubs in the 1940’s on the West Coast of America.

They all have one thing in common - lots of club photos - now I know we have lots of club photos too… but how about we get a pro photographer in and arrange a Wed night where we all turn up and have a huge club photo with us all and the bikes in ?

I’m sure I could get someone to come down to do the photograph on the understanding that we then buy the prints from him - bit like a school photo…

What do you recon? Happy to organise if it’s a flyer.


Would need a very wide angle lens!!

That’s a given - given I want to be in it!

No I’m thinking one of those very wide ones that roll out - you know like they did with school shots… when you could be on both ends by running round the back!

Even wider if I was in it. Could get one of those trick 360 degree ones for the internet, that would be superb.

Great idea! pick a date! A sunny one! lol

Sounds like a good date - what does everyone else think?

I’ll contact some photographers.



Get a pro photographer in; who do you think takes all the gallery pictures that Silver & Andrew take (self explanatory!) Good idea, but we have the skillz in-house.

sounds really good! im in, it would be nice to get all together!

Happy to help, depending on when/where?

Sounds great… no disrespect to you guys at all… just mentioned ‘pro’ as they’ll have the kit to do the wide shot… unless I’m being really stupid and you already have that kit?


Depends how wide! My smallest lens is 18mm, which is not ultra wide, but wide enough for most applications. Depends how many burger have been consumed I guess…

18mm is perfect, any less than that and you’ll all look distorted. use panotools in photoshop to correct the barrell distortion. Jay’s prosumer d70 will not be high enough resolution to get the print detail needed for the shot though, you’d need to get hold of a PRO camera like a D2x or 1DS. the d70 can produce 5 x 7s but if you guys want 8x10s then you’ll have problems.

Just a little story, I live out here on the west coast now (used to live next to jay) Was driving down Freeway Interstate 5 from San Fransisco to LA just two days ago and saw a GSXR motocyclist loose his life. He was filtering between a truck and a lorry when the lorry decided to change lanes. He got caught between the truck and lorry.

no one indicates out here and they overtake on the right too. You have to be very carefull even driving a car. thats why u dont see many bikers out here and if you do see them they usually stick to the smaller highways.

Cheers guys that really helps - when I first started out in the ‘real world’ my very first job was as a staff photographer on the local paper - The Pontypool Free Press - still using film and Nikon FM2s in those days and we had to develop ourselves on site - but I seem to remember taking a HUGE amount of group photos and cheque presentations :slight_smile:

I used to use no wider than 24mm as in those days you could harldy do anything to stop the bends at the ends of the shot - appart from trim down - but then you lose the detail.

Silver - your offer is supurb though - if you’re happy to do it I’m sure everyone would be really happy :slight_smile:

Silver Ball seems the place to do it - but I’m wondering if it’s the best - as not everyone can make it to runs? What do you think?


im in

Happy to oblige. Still use film with an Eos 3 and a 19mm. Easy to put on disc and then Jay can play. Will reserve the right to make a complete pigs ear of it of course. So why dont a few of us bring our cameras, trpods and all, snap away and we choose the best one. Winner gets a XXXL Londonbikers T-Shirt!!!Lol

good idea and a great picc for the wall ( will see the builders about extending the kitchen - there’s alot of us)

Great idea - we can all have a go!


sounds great would the cubana be big enough (just a thought)

excellent idea. let me know where and when as it will take me ages to get ready!