Green Ninja Rider from Mile End this morning

You are a complete twat.

Firstly, having show plates will get you a £100 fine, but the fact you have it tucked under your rear wheel arch just makes you seem like a bigger knob.

Secondly, if you are going to speed through large junctions during the morning rush hour don’t have a go at van drivers who weren’t able to see you because of your in and out speeding.

Thirdly, don’t intimidate cyclists when you are clearly in the wrong, cyclists hate that we can use bus lanes and all it takes is a twat like you to ruin it for the rest of us.

You didn’t get farther than anyone else, it was just a race to the next set of traffic lights - grow up, get some proper gear, get some boots at least because the way you are riding you wont have any legs soon.

Lol oh dear, worst thing is these posts seem to be becoming more frequent which is a shame.

he will not learn until he is knocked off and it is proved he was in the wrong. So many more bikes on the roads these days and more idiots are bound to be in those numbers.

Someone didn’t get laid last night :w00t:

It wasn’t me by the way but Man I better watch in on here then…

Totty100 with his helmet camera,

The self riotous fabio!!!

I’m outta here man laters!!

There is nothing self righteous about my post - we all speed, its just picking the right time and place to do it, however speeding through junctions during rush hour traffic is idiotic, especially when your view of oncoming traffic is obscured by a bus, it’s also idiotic to narrowly avoid a collision with a cyclist who is directly in front of you - all of this done within a minute of riding,he clearly has no care for his own safety (speeding unnecessarily, poor road position, lack of awareness, lack of gear) which is fine by me so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.

Ignore me fabio I can’t even spell it properly

I’ve had a show plate since 2001…no fine …(knocks on wood)

put ya dummy back in and carry on…ninja boy probably couldn’t give a flying phuck anyway

I think we are seeing more of these idiots thanks to the lovley weather!

Dummy up your arse.

So… that is some nice weather we are having, eh?

would never fit mate:D

yeh but its a bit toooo hot by midday

Ermmmm if it’s too hot you simply ain’t going fast enough!

You haven’t been pushing it hard enough :slight_smile:

hahah trust me I am more than fast enough;)

exit only bro!:w00t:


  1. There are a hard core of riders who seem to believe aggressive riding & speeding gets you there quicker - it’s 50/50 sometimes it will, most of the time it just gets you to the next red light quicker - if they decide to stop. :ermm:

  2. Blanket riders - people on mopeds who are all over the place, in and out of the tiniest gap, avoiding stopping in case the imaginary monster chasing them catches up - their moped blanket will protect them from all evil… unless it rains, when a lot of them seem to disappear… :doze:

  3. Interesting plates - show/small plates have been around for a while but now seeing plates mounted in front of the rear wheel on bigger bikes - so almost completely obscured by the rear wheel. Hmmm, is it a case of “oh it was like that when I bought the bike officer” and they expect “oh ok, on your way guv!”. They must move it for the MOT but it brings up the question whether any Police officer would pull over a bike like that, personally I think Police standards vary greatly between officers these days and thats why you can get away with show plates and cars/trailers with hand written plates. Perhaps there is ‘guidance’ not to bother with such stuff :Whistling:

This is how the Australian news media is reporting the British heatwave:

(Sent to me by my mum this morning).

Sadly there are a few arseholes who cannot ride for toffee. Just stay clear of them and don’t let their actions rile you. Cutter unts will always be just that. Maybe he had diarrhoea and needed to get to the loo pronto!