Got my test tommorow!!!

Hi all,

i have recently passed my CBT and bought a CBR125r to get some practice/experience on and…i have my test tommorow!! Feeling so nervous!!! Its up in Hendon.

Anyway i was shown this site by my cousin and i have gained so much knowledge from all of you!! cheers!

I currently use my bike for a 25 mile round trip to work everyday.

I live in west london and work in Mayfair.

Once again, please pray for me tommorow!!!





Good luck fella:)

good luck fella little tip every 30 seconds or so just press in your indicator just in case

good luck mate :slight_smile:

let LB know how you get on

good luck m8:)

Hope it goes well :wink:

Good luck, dude - keep us posted! :slight_smile:

welcome to LB and good luck!!


Hi and welcome aboard.

good luck on your test.

best of luck old chap

Good luck…

Hope you don’t live up to your forum name…:w00t:

Soooo? How’d it go?

No news is good news, hopefully! :slight_smile:

nice CBR! good luck for that, i did my test on the CBR and it went good, hopefully you’ve passed!


Hi and welcome chap…

Any news then on your test???

C’mon, the suspense is killing me!

In your own time.

he dosnt mean that, tell us!! :w00t:

welcome to LB any way how you get on :slight_smile:

was it difficult??