Got my test tommorow!!!

Thanks for all the welcomes and luck people!!!

Just to let you know that i got through and can finally take off the L plates!!!

Needed some advice now that its getting really cold and frosty…and i do ride quite alot because of the daily commute… any advice as to how i should be preapared for the winter!

Once again thanks for wishing me luck!

KAM :w00t:

ur bike is really nice…

Looking at the picture i would suggest: -

A Helmet:w00t:

Winter Gloves

Gortex boots

A Buff

EDZ underwear.

if you look in the background…you might just be able to see my helmet on top of the car!!! :Das for the rest…hmmmm…my gloves and shoes are in the bag…that is on my back…your going to have to take my word for that!!! :wink:

iv got leather riding gloves…what gloves would be classified as ‘winter’??

Just as a starter look here to get some idea.±+Under+Clothing

You should probably get involved in a traffic light Grand Prix next.

mucho congrats :smiley:

hein gericke very good value for winter gear
i’m nice 'n toasty in my goretex winter two piece with thermal lining etc
keep your core warm and everything else follows (well except for your hands)

well done fella :smiley:

Congrats on passing.

nice one, did u do direct access or restricted?


Congrats on passing, At the right time of year too. (NOT) Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I’ve just dragged out my winter gear too ready for the daily commute, getting out of a nice warm bed and looking out the window makes me soooo look forward to the journey into work.

ello and welcome congrats on passing :slight_smile:

Hello mate.

Fingers crossed for ya gezzer.bb1