Got a new job

After been made redundant on Christmas Eve from Zavvi and going to many, many interviews, I have got a new job. I am the new store manager at Hein Gericke in Kenton. I spent four weeks in Birmingham training and have just finished my first week in Kenton and love it. So if you are in the area pop by for a cuppa, I have just bought a new box of tea bags.:smiley:

well done foo, congrats!:smiley: enjoy your new job, if Im around I pop in for a cuppa…do you have HOT CHOC as well???:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

You and your hot chocolate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the job… :slight_smile:

Not yet, but I can get some in, I do have custard creams though:D

oh dear, it’s already bad enough for me to drink hot choc, let alone custard creams lol:w00t:

congrats on the job…custard creams ya talking my language :D:D:D

congrats mate:) any store discount for ktm riders:D

I don’t even know where the discount button is yet,:D:D,

Congrats on the job :slight_smile:

most places its the back door when the boss goes to lunch;)

4 weeks training and you didn’t learn that?

Nah, I’m just too honest:D,

nothing wrong with the, one for you two for me when using the till:D

Nah I am the boss, so the only loss would come out my pocket:):slight_smile:

make sure you get the 10% discount sorted for lb’ers:)

There’s is a good way to get discounts but it wouldn’t be right talking about it on the forum, don’t want to be seen as advertising or selling something, when I see ya I’ll give you one of the cards and tell you all about it. :smiley:

sounds a bit see ya soon:D


wheres kenton?:cool:

Nothing naughty:D:D

Thanks, it’s Near Harrow on the Kenton road.