Good viewing ?

No I’m not on it (I hope!!) before anyone asks but thought a few of you may enjoy it.

“In the Line of Fire”.

I`ll be out on the herts meet tonight but i could record it.

I set the V+ for this

I hope it shows SO19 or whoever in a positive light rather than the bashing they usually get from the media.

Likewise mate but there is a fine line and some of the work that we do if not fully explained why it’s being done can look extremely aggresive and violent. If shown and not fully explained properly will have some folks in uproar.

And why aren’t you in it young man??

Different team … thankfully !!

Great…ANOTHER programme with cameras following coppers…boooooooooooooooring!

Some might say it almost borders on propaganda.

Err, don’t watch it ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be watching mate. Sounds good, read about it on Aware the other day. :slight_smile:

Hope you’re keeping well Baz, haven’t seen you in ages! :smiley:

I’ll watch it

Good? or bad? :smiley:

I could not do that for a living! i mean both crim nor a cop big round of applause to these co19 guys who literally stand in the line of fire!:w00t:

Although i have an ex who beat the crap outta me several times who i’d love to use a stun gun on:D:D:D

God, I forgot the meet AND the programme! :crazy:

For anyone who missed it and wants to see it, its available on ITV Player. As for the meet, Ill try and remember next month!

Hats off to the chaps (and chapesses) in 19. I have so much respect for what they (you) do.

Still the finest in my humble opinion.

I missed the 1st few minutes of this, so whats the different between CO19 and SO19 or is it just the call sign?

The unit was under the control of the Specialist Operations (SO) side of the Met and was then shifted (with other units) to Central Operations (CO).

Very kind of you to say so but the finest (in my humble opinion) are the boys and girls who go out everyday unarmed and face some horrific violence at times.

Just a re-org at the top.

SO was Specialist Operations. CO is Central Operations. Different top top gaffers that’s all. :rolleyes:

Lots of lovely new stationary and signage etc though I suppose :slight_smile:


That’s why he’s Trojan obviously! LOL!

It’s a shame we don’t have a few more police on the streets like the CO19 guys. With the streets over run with gun and knife crime I think we could do with more CO19 and less Community Support Officers!

I thought it was pretty good… not too much knuckle dragging :wink:

very intresting viewing:)

goes to show there are more guns on our streets than people realise, shocking thing is many that are shot or doing the shooting are under 18’s:(