Good news! I'm not really disabled!

This is absolutely ridiculous!

I’m going through this on behalf of my father at the moment but for illness rather than disability. I am supposed to be meeting a mobility specialist from Surrey County Council on Thursday – if you have any questions I can ask him then let me have them and I’ll do so. (I say ‘supposed’ to be meeting this chap as my father made the appointment yet doesn’t remember the chaps name or precise time so I am hoping he got this right).

I’ll sign any petition that moves this on for you.

The law is pretty clear on this. The answer is to get the law changed, but that won’t be easy.

Words fail me. How can the system be so blinkered and rigid that it won’t let you have what you’re quite clearly entitled to?

I’m definitely up for a bit of noise-making about this. Hopefully if enough of a stink is kicked up, you’ll get what you need, and so will others in the same position as you.

+1 good post

reading this makes my blood boil so much …how absolutley disgusting are bthese bastar*s…

i cant BLEEP beleive what i have just read…and i’ll tell you what…i reackon we should petition and then…ORGANISE A RIDEOUT AND HAND IT IN PERSONALLY…!!!

get the papers going…local media…the works…and if it does something for you mate…it may help other ppl in your situation too!!!

first things first…get a petition going…(i’ll sort it asap)

then one its been signed…we can hand that bugger in personally…its the only way to get these heartless mutha phuckers ears pricked up!!

stick with it john…we’re right behinde ya buddy


fecking backward bullsh1t, borrocks cUntry we live and breath in fecking arsebags :frowning: GL John, hope those feckers sort you out the bastwids!

Well done smiled, something tells me you may get more than a little support from the LB crowd :slight_smile:
am watchin this space.

That is appalling. I find it to be utterly heartless of the government schemes to be so blinkered that they cannot apply the law appropriately. Count me in for any action required. I’ve got a quadraplegic brother and am “disabled” myself (deaf as a post) not dead as a dodo! Hope you get somewhere fast with this John, I really do.

Totally bonkers, as usual. Heh, all of my peers get the “Attendance Allowance” bit of DLA but I don’t, because I was a bit too honest 21 years ago - and the DWP refused ever to go back on that decision. That made life sufficiently difficult for the 9 years or so that I wasn’t working.

They really haven’t a clue about the Catch-22 scenes they often dump us in. I bet they run PayPal as well.

As I said, the law on this is very clear. Mobility benefits and blue badges etc are restricted to people who cannot walk or are virtually unable to walk or have other great restrictions on their independent mobility (that is walking about, not driving about). This has always been the case since the dawn of these schemes (which originally was aimed at WW1 veterans). Don’t blame those operating the system. it is the politicians that need to change the law if you want to help Jonese1.

Ive just read this and Im gobsmacked, injustice is a pet hate of mine (1 of many it must be said) and this stinks of it. Are there not cases that you can highlight in order to get something done for yourself?

I have a close friend that suffers from sickle cell, and there are indeed days where he is totally incapacitated, but there arent enough of them that would warrant a new car every 3 years which he does get in my opinion.

What makes me laugh is when he is sick and cant move how is he supposed to get to hospital HE CANT DRIVE, is the idea supposed to be that he arranges with himself when he is going to be ill then goes to hospital in advance?

Count me in on this one buddy, and sorry bout the injury its a shame.

Hope you don’t mind John I sent a copy of your rant to my local my. I would also suggest that if you really want to make a splash contact the Daily Mail (shudder).

Time to take back our country.

hi i know how feel .i had a crash when on a bike safe course in london,got ramed by a stolen five shatters on my right leg and a brocken hip,collapse lung,bone sticking out of my leg not very nice.i got no help to sort out what i could or could not claim,tried citizen advicebut they allways engadged and could not get out as i could not walk at all.i had no cantact from the police except for a statment they were no help,i had to ring them in the end just to see what going on.i have been off work for 4 months.this crash had nothing to do with me but all i had to live on was ssp which is 75 pounds a week,i had fully comp on my bike and have just been paid for it which has help.anyway i did make a claim for mobility and on the second attemp was successful and got both the higher rate this was down to my doctor being DIGUSTED that u get very little money and sorted it out for me.u still have to be disabled for three months before u get any payments this does not include time in hospital so i in my case i had 5 weeks in hospital so i get a payment at the end of december so thats five months its not that much.u can dissagree and put in a new claim get your doctor on your side as getting out and about is part of your quality of life and looking at 4 walls all day an t no fun,i know

best off luck.

I can’t comment on the mobility allowance but I’ve had a bit of experience, on behalf of my diabetic daughter with the care allowance bit.

Daughter was diagnosed Type 1, insulin dependent, diabetic at 6. She’d go along o.k. for some weeks and then rebel against the regime. Got very bad in puberty and we used to have to keep on top of things in a big way including having to check on her at night, take days off work, quit work to have to collect her from school and so on.

Got the middle rate care allowance for a while and then they refused all DLA.

From my limited experience. Keep a diary. Record all the problems and battles to maintain a sensible life and APPEAL.

The Appeals board seem to be fairly sensible where the administrators seem to have been told to say no.

I am so pis*ed off for you! This is so unfair.
You see so many people with Blue Badges who don’t really need them - I even know one or two and I had a massive go at one of my friends who tried to use her mum’s blue badge when I was in the car with her (and I am not even sure her mum really needs it - she seems to walk fine when it suits her!).
Do you have a social workers?- they may be able to advise on benefits and help you especially seeing as you have 4 young kids (CAB could probably advise you too!). When you know what you are entitled to and what you need to get it, you should see your GP to explain the situation and get any necessary paperwork/letters. (You will probably have to pay for GP letters supporting your appeal, unless you really know your GP well, but it is usually only £10 for a short letter)
Good luck.

John, ialready know wot a crock of sh*t this lark is.

My mum gets made redundant a few yrs back, been totally deaf in 1 ear in from a child and about 10 or more yrs back lost nigh on all her earing in t’other ear. she goes for jobs and has been to a few but to no avail in 3 yrs mainly because of the deafness but she cant claim disability because its not! ffs, she was 26 yrs in the job she was laid off from and never claimed in her life and they give you **** all back if you work hard.

If you are a fcking scrounger from day 1 they give you the lot, i even know some1 who gets disabilty cos she has epilepsy, how the fck is that disabled?

go down there without your passport and tell em you just come in the country, you’ll get the f*cking lot.

We are the worse off in our own country!

All i can say john is keep on at the cvnts!

Another shocked reader here!
I know that to get the blue badge for my dad we went via the GP to get the ball rolling.
I’ll defo put my name to a petition to help out.
Good luck with this.

Thanks for your support, as Giuliano as indicated it’s not a problem with DWP staff as such, although most of them could benefit from looking up the word compassion in the dictionary, and learn how to talk to people, but the problem is with the law…

The Disability Living Allowance and Disability Working Allowance Act 1991 defines what counts as a disibility for the purposes of the allowane, click here for a laugh

and the website shows what you need to suffer from to get a blue badge

In my case it’s not actually about the money (yet). But my life is incredibly difficult at the moment, and I’m not one for normally moaning about things that don’t go my way, but the fact I can’t drive myself, and get myself out of the car just adds to the list of things I struggle with and have to have help with. I’m quite an independant person, but I now need to rely on people to drive me places, get me out of a car, I need help getting dressed, I need help to wash…But I don’t qualify for this kind of help.

And I’ve seen loads of people get blue badges and motability cars who seem to have far less problems than an amputated arm, I’m sure they all really have terrible mobility problems, it’s just everytime I see them they’re having a good day…

It’s just wrong that you’re treated this way. I hope it gets sorted quickly. If I can offer anything more than moral support and best wishes, let me know.

complete and utter beruacratical b******ks mate, sorry to hear how much trouble you’re going through.

I’ve sent you a PM that’ll hopefully help.