Good news! I'm not really disabled!

I’m not. It must be true, the government and local authority have told me so…You see, I applied for disability living allowance. Because I’m disabled. And I’m living.

For the newer members I shall just state that on 17/10/08 I had a bit of an off in the Eltham Tunnel, smashed my right arm up - so badly that I had it amputated above the elbow. If you search the forums you can read the whole tale, in detail.

Anyway…back to disability living allowance. Henceforth I shall refer to it as DLA, because I can’t keep typing it all out. I’ve only got one hand and I don’t want to wear it out typing long titles of government handouts for spongers like me.

DLA comes in two parts. The mobility component, and the care component.


I can no longer drive. I only have a left hand, and it’s a bit tricky changing gear on my 8 seater MPV with my left hand, when there’s nothing left to hold the wheel. I can’t ride a bike. I can however walk and that’s my first problem. You see the mobility component is all to do with mobility… so despite not being able to carry anything, or get myself out of a car without help, particularly if the car next door is parked close, like they do in supermarket car parks for instance - I’m not entitled to it… so no money from the government for that then. But really it’s not the money I’m bothered about.

I can’t get access to a scheme called motability - - they contract hire vehicles to disabled persons, in exchange for some or all of your higher rate DLA mobility component. In exchange for your allowance you get a new car every 3 years, with maintenance & insurance included. They will also arrange for any modifications you’ll need - like a steering knob and someway of turning your indicators/lights/horns off whilst still having your one good hand on the wheel. I don’t qualify as I don’t get DLA mobility component.

It’s true that I can get these modifications done myself. They cost about £800. Plus fitting.

Insurance. Now here’s a good one. No mainstream company will quote for me - because I’m disabled. Remember the motobility scheme has insurance included…

There are specialist companies exploiting a hole in the market… however all the ones I’ve found so far only quote to people with a blue disabled badge…

Did I mention the blue badge bit yet? No? Oh good. Well blue badges are issued by your local authority. I’m not entitled to one. Because you need to get the higher rate of DLA mobility allowance to get one. Today I contacted my council to see if there are any other circumstances where I might get one. Good news there are… you need to be disabled in both arms and be totally incapable of turning the steering wheel in a car, even with a turning knob fitted.

So I can’t get a car, 'cause I can’t get insured, because I can’t get a blue badge or get a motability car, because I can walk.

Now onto the care component. I need help everyday, because I can’t wash everywhere, or dress myself, or cook my own food, or cut food up.

This is divided into 3 levels. Again I’m not entitled to the higher rate, because I don’t need someone watching over me all night to make sure I don’t stop breathing.

I may just creep into the middle rate, but that won’t last long, because as soon as I learn some new ways of doing things, I won’t be so reliant on my wife, so I’ll need less care.

I should apparently get the lower rate. Well that’s a relief then.

If I got the middle rate, then my wife would be eligible for a carers allowance.

However, we have 4 young kids. Wendy is currently on a career break until July 2009 when she was due to go back to work and earn over £30k a year. She can’t go back to work now. Because I can’t look after my kids, because I only have one arm, and I’m sure the social services would come down on me with a ton of bricks if something happened to my kids whilst I was left to supervise young kids whilst being unable to stop them getting into trouble…

Rant over… move along now - nothing to see here :Whistling:

this is total bull$&(! mate!! who makes this laws?? someone should take his arm and see if he can cope!!!

sorry that might have ott… :ermm:

John your not going to get a blue badge because they are all on issue to the government emplyees mate!!!

clearly they are the disabled lot who cannot see any problems what so ever with only having 1 arm!

I cant even begin to imagine what youre going through Johnse1. One would think that there comes a time when when systems designed to deliver help to people in your position do just that. Whatever happened to common sense …

sounds about right for this country now john, you pay your dues all your life and when YOU need helps some jobsworth f**wit pees on your parade, gets so annoying at times I mean how the hell are you supposed to look after your family ?

Any chance of an appeal? Poss you could use the post as the basis of a letter to your MP too. Someone ought to be able to over-ride such a poorly-made decision.

Is there anything that we can do to help? IMHO, this is clearly wrong.

I’d like to believe that it’s not the way the system’s supposed to work, and that if we did something to raise publicity (which I realise you might not want anyone to do, Jon, so it’s your call there), then the powers that be would see their mistake and put things right.

Is it worth starting with the simple things (letters to MPs, ministers, councils, etc)? If it has a small chance of doing any good, I’ll happily write some letters and do some lobbying on your behalf, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

All the above may be the rantings of an optimistic fool, but have a think Jon and if you reckon there’s anything to be gained by taking the lobbying route, then I reckon you’ll have plenty of willing supporters.

Dude, that sucks big time, I see plenty of people with blue badges around and pretty bloody sure you have as much right as them.

Must be very difficult when you are faced with such compartmentalised bureaucracy so frustrating…

Keep looking around, I hope something comes up, maybe someone on here can help…?


I used to be a Motability specialist and I would contest this as I have sold vehicles under the scheme with only one arm and no other disabilities! I’m sure they haven’t made that many changes in the last 2 years since I left. I know it’s a drawn out procedure but I would contest it again with the DWP as you need funding to get about - this is what is used by Motability and claimed.

I have spent many hours down DWP arguing this for customers as all salesmen are complete bstards lol and I always wanted people to get what they need.

I will see if I can fish anything out regarding disputing a claim - can’t promise anything as my misses loves shredding everything thats not moved for more than a day

This is bullsh*t Johnse1 - as someone who has paid their taxes all their working life you should be absolutely entitled to all the help you can get in this regard.

Don’t take this lying down - if you create enough of a fuss they will roll over - as Jetstream said - get your M.P. involved - and demand some action.


Thats not fair, if you cant do things because you have a disability you should get help.

+1 lets start something!


its borrox johnse mate, fight it…

So is there anyone clever with posh words etc and knows how to get a petition started and forwarded to the correct Govt Dept not local but National perhaps even the press.

those along the lines

We the undersigned feel dismayed at the unfair treatment…etc ?

Jeez that must be making your blood boil!

What is it with the government and their petty legislation? I really would have thought that someone with only one arm should qualify for mobility allowance same as anyone else who has trouble getting about.

Presumably their arguments would apply equally to someone with no arms? Just because your legs are 100% - is that their only qualifying condition?

Ridiculous. Hope it gets sorted out properly man.

Very wrong comment to make mate… Happy to help if needed, this is a really bad situation to be in Johnse1…

Thanks for your support. I’m going to fight, it’s just the thing to give me a purpose. I’ve written to the local council, and to my MP - who’s also a junior minister, so no doubt he’ll be towing the government line… oh, and I’ve written to “What Car” - as their special section on their website about disabled drivers doesn’t mention anything except getting a car through the motability scheme. Next I’ll try MCN, and some of the monthly bike mags. Then the national newspapers… But I’ll give the MP a chance first…

Go Go Johnse!! were right behind you dude! :slight_smile: all the way mate!