Good Morning London..

…and ride safe!

good morning, thank you



I ain’t saying anything till my brief gets 'ere copper!

and a top of the morning to you too sir…

(very pleasant way to start the day!)

ah yep - how nice! Mornin all!

Good morning folks!

Whats good about mornings, the day shouldnt start till 11 at the earlist


Good morning viet… er, London Town!

top o da morning to ya

<Squeeze> Good morning <Phew, just fits>

Good afternoon

Ah beat me to it! Good afternoon ladies and gents. And the rest of you…!

What a great morning it is too… Good morning all

you just got up? u lazy (lucky) bugger

Good morning! Yep, just got up! Second time today, though, as had to go to a job interview at an indecent hour. Must start looking beyond strip joints…

I was up at 8.15am this morning but your right on a normal day i’m up at 11am ish

i had to conducyt an interview this morning with a girl who arrived on a scooter…her pole dancing was not up to scratch and as for the lap dancing…at least get out of your waterproofs…hi paivi…

hahaha! You jocker!