Global Warming

I’m beginning to think that global warming is a load of rubbish and is probably just a natural cycle. How else could they justify introducing new so-called “Green taxes”?

Anyone else with me on this one or should I join a conspiracy forum?

I would agree, maybe were are accelerating the process but I remember watching a programme about Britain a while back (presented by Alan Titchmarsh), many thousands of years ago, the Yorkshire Dales used to be under water and used to be home to a coral reef very much the same as the Great Barrier Reef.

Exactly! I mean, ice ages have come and gone all the time!

One minute we had coral reefs - the next wolly mammoths!!!

I swear it all just scaremongering B@LL@CK5!

So you mean because a Labour politician is trying to get himself re-elected by leaping on the current populist bandwagon, billions of megabytes of scientific data are just being made up… ?!? Them thar glaciers aren’t melting, its all a hoax by devious socialist power-mongers! Sea levels aren’t rising at all, I bet if you look closely enough you’ll find a Labour politician with his finger on the depth gauge doctoring the results for his own best interests…???

Wow…that’s a paper thin argument… can you back up that massive leap of logic with anything remotely resembling reason, fact, or even some evidence?

I WANT my global warming, its bloody freezing lately :smiley:

Global warming is indeed happening, it is part of a natural earth cycle, heating up , cooling down, but it has never happened at such an alarming rate as it is at the moment. the Carbon emissions produced by burning fossil fuels is accelerating the process. But we aint gona be here in 100 yrs time, and i dont have kids, so im not worried :smiley:

The politicians dont care about global warming, theyve simply jumped on the band wagon and realised they can use it as an excuse for hiking taxers, or like adenoid man, charging 25 quid a day if you have a big car!

I knew they’d be one of you out there;) (Toby1)All I’m saying is that we never ask questions and we just take everything as truth just because the government says so. It wasnt so long ago they said smoking was OK and that the polio jab was safe - yet thousands of babies were born with missing limbs because we took it as read that the goverment had done all it could and did its homework. I know this is hardly comparable to global warming but its just to point out that they have (and often continue to) lie lie lie!

Im not saying that global warming doesnt exist! Im just not convinced that its all our fault - natural cycles and all that. Stevewright - I heard that theres just as big an arguement to say that its not related to carbon emissions! Im not saying you’re wrong…i would just love to hear both sides of the story from impartial parties - NOT goverments with a hidden agenda.

I dont believe most things this government says

I blieve global warming is happening and as steve says we have caused it to happen faster than it would normally have happened…

We are due an ice age by all accounts not warming…something is bad here…

This planet has had enough of us and is asking us politely to leave or stop frightfully with it…we have in effect returned over a billion years worth of carbon back into the atmosphere and this is too much for the girl to handle. She got rid of it by making trees and things, and we have just ruined her long term plan…

I think we have a big problem now not in 100 years but all of the crap this government is talking about like switching off at night and not leaving things on standby is not really going to change things…

We need nuclear powerplants now and end all burning of fossil fuels to make electricity full stop…that will remove well over 45% of the carbon production world wide and then we will be fine…

in ten years fuel cells will have removed the need for petrol and bikes/cars etc…so we dont need to worry about that,…

What we do need is a government and a world that is going to take the right action rather than harping on about miles per gallon and saving fuel…

Yeah there is always “one of me” out there. People like me are so bloody annoying aren’t we. Someone says something utterly stupid and “people like me” are so predictable when we say things like “Don’t be so stupid”.

You may have difficulty understanding how politics, business and the media all work together to convince you of what they’re up to, but I don’t have that problem myself.

Luckily I am one of those media savvy politically minded people and quite enjoying manipulating people like you. If I told a mug like you something often enough, you would willfully believe PRECISELY the opposite just to prove what an enlightened, independent, free-thinking individual you are… Thing is, I know that, so I tailor the tripe I trot out for your “information” accordingly.

I’m so sodding clever, I know when you’re going to die, what you’re going to die of and at what time you can expect it to happen, but I’m not going to tell you any of that cos its far more fun watching you squirm in ignorance whilst trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about…

Toby, you’re giving away all our secrets!

Not to mention distracting me from Photoshopping those pictures of the Pentagon you sent me.

It all depends what info you take and choose to use, the IPCC’s own data shows that the average temp of the planet as a whole hasn’t changed in 7 years, bits of it are hotter and bits of it are colder but overall it’s the same.

Parts of the north pole are melting but did you know that other parts are getting thicker and colder ? No, because it’s not reported because it’s not politically correct, doesn’t fit with the current ethical thinking we’re all supposed to be moving over to.

Scientists are now politicians, they say what their employer wants, what gains them research money - climate change has more money thrown at it now that cancer research. (The Times, can’t remember the date) but that just shows the huge switch of capital involved.

The climate is changing but do we really think we have been responsible for it . . . scientists claim the earth is millions of years old . . . we’ve been producing CO2 for the last 100-200 or so years, prior to that there was hardly anything produced, no oil based industry, no cars, no diesel ships and no aeroplanes . . . so in 50 or 100 years we’ve changed the planet to the extent that it’s changing the climate . . . oh yes, I can hear the noses elongating right now . . . :wink: I can smell something too, um, 2Strokes new cattle, is it bullshit ? Might be :slight_smile:

Shhh, Thatcher is not dead, Elvis was nowhere near the Grassy Knoll, and the Oompa Loompas are not Danny Devito clones, I swear on my dead grannies best breeding goats name!

People don’t know how close to the mark they were with that “Iron Lady” stuff. The rebuild after Brighton was a triumph of modern engineering but it seems the battery is finally running out.

i think it all b)ollox…i dont give a monkeys arse as i wont be here…see…im selfish like that…;).my bike takes f)uck all petrol and im at work 12-13 hours at a time so my house bills are f)uck all…politics?..this governments aload of cods wallop …im voting ukip…they know everything!!!;).


not saying it’s NOT happening. I just reckon it’s a natural thing.

Would happen ANYWAY.

yes yslart…its amazing but cattle produce 14% of the worlds ozone depleting gases…bloody hell all that farting…

but please dont lets stop breeding cows they are so lovely

Just get rid of fossil fueled pwered power stations

Yep, Methane is apparantly 23x as bad for the environment as CO2 . . . but lets only focus on CO2 because we can tax people on that and that’s what’s going to fill the public sector pensions black hole . . . :wink:

WOW! Looks like someone is going to die of a heart attack before me. Firstly, there’s no need to bust a blood vessel and resort to personal attacks. Secondly, think what you like but I like to ask questions and not take everything as read…but since you know everything I guess you already knew that.

B0lloxs, lets start charging these damn cows for all the methane they are producing :hehe:

shhhhhh tiggi, toby is listening, he might influence all those political types and have them start charging ethel, mabel, mildred, hermintrude, gemima and molly my new cows polution tax…

how would they tax them, would it be farts per hour or gas produced per day, if it was the latter would they have to fit gas bags to them…hmm toby (sorry only joking…you have valid points I know) suprised the EU doesnt ban cows from farting…

anyway I dont have my cows until april or may…perhaps you can all come on a ride out to see them…sweet, with their little calves…and give them a pat and a few nuggets…