Global Warming

yeah, people like me…we’re listening…its what we do… and then we twist things and manipulate stuff, and get away with it and make things unfair for everyone else. If you ever wanted to know who “they” were you could have asked me, but now I’ve told you, please stay where you are. I’ll send someone round to kill you shortly…

I am not sure how we would tax them, maybe we should just get them all corked up, that should do the trick :stuck_out_tongue: As for the rest of this post, everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether it be right or wrong so come on guys, play nicely :smiley:

how would they tax them, would it be farts per hour or gas produced per day, if it was the latter would they have to fit gas bags to them…hmm toby (sorry only joking…you have valid points I know) suprised the EU doesnt ban cows from farting…

Funny you should say that, but they are trying to find a way to make cow’s fart like kangaroo’s as they don’t produce as much methane!:w00t: Check it out…


Spend ten mins watching this guys video, he has a few but this is probably the most relevant. Stick with it as he’s a really annoiying american who you wont wanna listen to, however its a video about the logic of taking action with global warming against not taking action.

Becareful what you say in forums about the political implications and government scandals. Its not about that!!! And if you make accusations without really looking into the subject you could enevitably put wrong ideas into uncertain minds.

Its about logic and damage control

Anarchy in the UK!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally i dont think the way humans rip the wilderness apart, dump toxic waste into the sea, Burn Fuels at an incredible rate, filling the atmosphere with CO2 CO1 and other gases has anything to to with global warming…AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAa yeah right

Im a part of the problem but i recycle as much as i can.

Two words for you Dave, plastic bags :stuck_out_tongue:

Cut and paste from another forum. It was a reply to someone going on about how the government was going to tackle green issues:

*Agreed, they just want to screw more money out of us. If they were serious they would:

  1. Remove all duty from energy used by public transport, to lower the cost of buses and trains to encourage more use.

  2. Ban incandecse light bulbs and subsidise low energy lights. Reduces carbon output and the need for more powerstations

  3. Make it mandatory to have a fully insulated property, including rented. (the first flat I lived in in London had no loft insulation, probably a square metre of holes in the roofing felt, and badly fitting windows. Winter was fun, the landlords attitude: I don’t live there so why should I spend money on it to make it warmer for you!)

  4. Encourage companies to make use of reusable packaging and containers (reuse is 90% more energy efficient than recycling), i.e. Coke & milk bottles. Anybody remember taking Corona soft drink bottles back to the local newsagent to get your 10p back?

  5. Build biomass power plants. These work by digesting organic matter with bacteria to generate methane, which is then burnt to produce electricity.

  6. More use of bio fuels. Diesels engine designed to run on Rapeseed oil, performance engines running on ethanol fermented on sugar beet (scrap that, give it to me in a steel can. Hmmmmm moonshine… :smokin.

  7. Actually use the money generated from green taxes to research green technologies, i.e. recycling, reuse, low energy manufacturing etc.

Huh, seem to have ranted there a little bit. However looking at that list and the government, number 7 is the least likely to happend followed by the rest.*

What is also missed out on the global warming issue is the that sun is currently experiencing a period of heating up and increased activity. There is currently little or no research that is looking in the complete system. There was a horizon program a couple of years ago that showed the strength of the photons arriving to earth was reduced. That was discovered due to the declining pan evaporation rates, which was surprising as if the average temperature is increasing surely the evaporation rate should be increasing. In reality has been reduced all over the planet. The reason, aircraft depositing water vapour and CO2 high in the atmosphere reflecting more the of the suns energy back out to space.

Yes they are very handy and i re-use them as much as possible.

Next time we’re out and you say pfft getting a plastic bag are ya? Then ask if you can put your things in the bag…guess what the answer will be! :wink:

Lol :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The New Zealand government tried taxing farmers, think it was supposed to be per head of livestock, anyway it didn’t get implemented. Interesting research though, we maybe blaming the wrong end of the animal for the problem. :ermm:

If nothing else there’s a good acronym and a funny graphic.


All excellent points, but the vested interests that own the oil industries, plastic bag industries, nuclear power industries, car industries and energy industries are unsurprisingly a bit reluctant to stop earning billions in profit. The trick isn’t to persuade people to be more eco-friendly. Its to persuade the greedy corporate CNTS that “money” isn’t the only motivation to keep 6 billion people and a healthy environment alive…

The climate on this planet is cyclical…always has been. It’s been frozen solid, scorching hot…and everything in between over the last 6 billion years.

As recently as 10,000 years ago, alot of the northern hemisphere was covered in glaciers. Those glaciers are gone now…melted away due to “global warming.” To the best of my knowledge, the cavemen did not use much in the way of fossil fuels…nor were they capable of dumping trash into the sea or over-foresting certain areas of the world…and yet, the ice melted…the climate warmed up…EXTENSIVELY warmed up, to do away with that much ice.

That in and of it self begins and ends the “global warming is a crisis” argument for me. It’s happened before without any intervention from “us”…and it will happen again, whether we are here or not. This entire “Global Warming” fiasco is nothing more than a money/power play being propagated against gullible people.

but then most people here have extensively researched this…not just read what they like in A to Z history of dinosaurs and made their own conclusions! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes the planet has had ice ages etc. But on what timescale…Billions of years. Is there not an incling in your reasoning that maybe we are speeding up a process that might have taken tousands of years?

Roadrunner (11/03/2008)

That is totally amazing…but what a damn good idea…crazy world we live in…told you cows farting are a big issue…but they are still lovely creatures

This is a great topic, no insults meant to anyone with their head in the sand…here is my view again…

Anyone that really thinks we are not doing this and we dont need to change our rate of production of greenhouse gases has to live in Asia or America…they dont want to believe because its too painful to change…

Its not the fact that it can and has happened its the fact that it is happening now so fast that the planet and the flora and fauna cannot change quickly enough…this means that things will die rather than adapt…no point going through endless reasons as there are thousands nah millions of stories about this.

The change is happening now before our very eyes,there is no evidence that it happend in anything less than tens of thousands of years before,…not in tens of year as it is happening now…since 1970 we have seen global climate change at a rate never EVER seen before…that is a fact, deny it all you want but it wont make it go away.

Thankfully some people are actually doing something about it. BUT in recognition of the stupidity of some believers…here is one really interesting idiocy…

everyone knows about high efficiency light bulbs…they use a tenth of the energy…hmm well actually its not 100% true…heres why

  1. Normal bulbs produce most of their energy as heat…this is useful heat within the house…this has to be replaced…especially in winter…

  2. When the efficient light bulbs are switched on they use very high levels of current and so if you switch them on and off regularly they will not be energy efficient.

  3. If you take all the elements of each option into account there is a net saving of a few pence per household and a tiny insignificant effect on the global energy usage…(not in offices as they use mostly efficient fluorescent bulbs anyway…)

In reality a pointless excercise except that it has made light bulbs more sexy and the fluorescent ones are made by european/western manufacturers…hmm interesting that…you all have some truth in what you say there are manipulators as toby says, there are realists and there are denialists…and many more besides…

Its not easy but if we removed the coal and oil and gas fired power stations and we just used nuclear power then all would be fine…nuclear power on a global scale will reduce our outputs, save us fortunes and provide us with long term cheap power…the sun does it so why cant we…

Then we can see if the denialists are right because the planet will still continue to self destruct if they are…

I think the owners of the Losail race circuit were saying, Foooook Global Warming on Sunday just gone. :w00t:

Good one Afro…

bet they were sulphur bulbs very low energy compared with halogen…

but middle east and riding at night all sounds a bit stupid to me, and then them saying the track was cold…even more stupid…anyone know why…

Agreed. The thought did cross my mind, just before the race got exciting and I wanted Toseland’s bike to emit more CO2 so he could catch Rossi!

They ran the race at night mainly to appease European television coverage rights owners who wanted to broadcast a live race when most of Europe would be awake to watch it.

They’re reasoning…Time zones are a bitch, so let’s burn the midnight oil (or coals) basically… :smiley:

Still waiting!
I reckon people’s blood pressure is causing global warming :smiley: