Gentlemens agreement to limit top speeds of bikes

at 186MPH

Why would they do this?

Screw interpol! Go faster! :smiley:

it’s 300 KPH.

Manufacturers wanted to end competition to be the fastest but spun it as a safety measure in Japan.

Competition is what drives innovation!

What a joke!

depends if you think that speed is the only area they should innovate in.

It was done partly for political reasons - they were worried that 200mph advertised top speeds would draw unwelcome attention from the anti bike/safety lobbies in the EU and provoke them into passing some of the punitive BHP limiting legislation that some of their members have proposed.

So sadly we have been left with bikes that can only do a piddly 186 mph . . .

It was an initiative to impose their own high limit before someone else did. You can get most bikes de restricted if you want to go faster than that though. The original Hyabusa was not restricted I think.

Yep, original Busa was not restricted and you can still get them.
It doesnt take much tinkering to get the restriction of the current ones either or so I’ve been told ?

They should bring it down a bit more - 186mph is too scary, I get nervous well below that even on a straight motorway :blush:

Do cars have a similar “gentleman’s agreement”

Didn’t the cars in Japan have a gentleman’s agreement on limiting the power at one point?
As BusaBaz it wasn’t difficult to resolve it :smiley:

I don’t see the reason why would you want to go faster than 300km/h(186). And if you really want to kiss your ass good bye you can always de-restrict them. If you really want. Let’s not forget ghost rider doing 350km/h which is around 217mph. And that’s not the limit.

Cars are supposed to be restricted to 155!

Autobahn in Germany 186mph is moderate speed, I got overtaken when my last modified and unrestricted R1 showed 212mph - not sure how accurate that was but it was QUICK!!!:crazy:

By a white van? :smiley:


this was years ago and I believe Kawasaki went back on the deal, lol

Isn’t that the one they used on top gear against the Aussies?

I’m having a certain bike tuned and deer stricter on sat :smiley:
I wonder what 180mph+ on a naked bike must feel like :w00t::blink:

Like you’ve tied your arms to a tank and your torso to a tree! Lol feel sorry for the deer though, that’s just harsh! :frowning:

Let us know, anything over 100 mph feels too fast for us.

MAYBE it would make bikes focus on handling, all round usability, acceleration, JOY of riding. It’s like shortening your gears because you one day realised that you very rarely use your top speed yet you are always taking off at the lights. It just makes sense. I go around 300 corners a day. I maybe use my bikes top speed once a week (on private land of course).

It would also innovate and inspire people to start tuning their bikes again. Trying to tune up a S1000RR to make it go faster is possible but hardly necessary. Now all bikes are on the same level playing field then so, also, are consumers. And next time you’re down the Ace cafe with the #### who stole an R1 and you’re on your shitty old GSXR 600 SRAD, and he’s bragging about how he can go faster because he’s got a more expensive bike, you’d be able to educate him that you’d be able to go faster because you actually know how to use the fakking thing, his bike is restricted, you know your mechanics, and you made yours just as fast.

Rant over.

Fair point well made.

Ain`t no bike faster than mine in a straight line or round corners till it blows up.