Gentlemens agreement to limit top speeds of bikes

What if you own an unrestricted bike and can also ride it like a pro ? :w00t:
Jets, I’ve seen 172 on the naked bike. It was draughty :smiley:

Anyone want to play Sat Nav top trumps. :slight_smile:

Not in public…:wink:


Bollox! 172. Must try harder :smiley:

I’ve ordered a smaller sprocket for the front of mine, so if I’m going to compete here I better find a deserted downhill section of the M1 fairly sharpish :smiley:

171 … you beat me and I was faired , been faster driving a car though 182mph :smiley:

This reminds me. Having a play with a new electronic speedo, the Magistrate made me fit to my bike last year, I stumbled across the highest recorded speed that the bike has been since it was fitted… 85! I can scarcely believe its possible to breath at that speed? This colossal was recorded on private land, obviously!:stuck_out_tongue:

So, any replacement to my bike can look forward to another 101mph! :smiley:

Aren’t you contradicting yourself here a bit Luke? In another of your posts you stated that you were scared of going over the speed limit as there are so many unmarked police cars. Fair enough but make up your mind mate… ha ha