Any gay/lesbian bikers here? I was just wondering…would be good to know

Talking about that, I remember that I read on one of those magazines… T.W.O, I think, that there are 2 gay groups of riders and another of lesbians in UK… Not sure if it ws in London though.

Never mind, Lb is not about your sexuality but your love for bikes! Everyone is welcome! I got some great gay friends and the all like leathers… for some reason…lol

imagine that…us liking leathers! tee hee…can’t imagine for a moment why that would be…so what bike you got then?

There’s a guy called Simon who rides a yellow R1. I have my doubts about him!

I got a few of them, lol but the main one is a Kawa636R, it’s on the members bikes
gallerie together with all the other members bikes. Well, the ones who bothered to place it there anyway, lol

Place your bike pics there mate

Bit suspicious about an admin bloke called Andrew

I will do mate…bear with me though coz I am a bit of a techno luddite! takes me a bit longer to master ‘puter’ stuff grrrrr…

Well good time for come out of the shell them boys and girls! lol

Without a jocke let’s not get carried on with our jockes as there are loads of gay bikers out there that can get intimidated or get the wrong idea about how friendly we are. I’m a gay friendly guy and as a moderator I have to state that LB is a free public place and everyone is welcome never mind the bike, colour,religion, sex etc! That’s my brazilian side speaking, lol

Cub22 you are most welcome and I hope to see you at the Cubana’s meeting next Wednesday, as I said place the pic of your bike here and if you need any help? just shout

Ermm not my bag I’m afraid, although I’ve had some looks when riding Lady P’s pink XT660R lol.

he touched my leg once!!!

theres a guy on black R6, st georges helmet! i think the wonkey sticker on his helmet is a hint of somekind!!

i fukin knew it as soon as i saw the title i knew my name would come up some where… fair play as i would have only done the same

just for the record i aint GAY nor engaged in any sexual activitys with other men

Welcome to Lb, CUB22, please don’t get offended by the good natured banter on the site, I for one don’t care about gender or sexual orientation. As far as I am concerned we are all Bikers and as such we may get loud, we might get perceived as offensive, but never malicious.

Hope to see you at Cabana, (if I dont get lost) next week.

I second Dan’s comment, Cub22! We have a very humourous outlook here at LB and have lots of fun with banter and the like, please don’t see it as anything but innocent fun! Once again, welcome to LB!

Yeah what Jay said…

well if your a lezza i aint got no problem with that, some of my best DVDs have lezzers in em, and i like it welcome to LB, thats short for london bikers not lesbian bikers

Flatout!! You are incorrigible

did you mean to say humous or humourous? because the first one is an arabic dish made from chick peas, tahina, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic.

im guessing you meant the second one jay.

I did