Flatout, behave, make our new member feel welcome, not defensive

CUB22, Hello and welcome to our community …

… behave …

why pick on me others have said worse, i have no problem with lezzers or gays…

Hello CUB22 and welcome, my best friend is gay and hopefully one day I can persuade her to come (no comments please) on the back of my bike to the Cubana one Wednesday. Unfortunatly it wont be next week as Tray (best mate) and I are off to Egypt for a week… Must check to see if Biggus has planted a bullet cam…

Whos Tray going with ?..Tarquin ?..telling ya mate…communitys are for all I agree …In a community theres gonna be people that dont …Me personally…Im afflicted with gay friends and family…so …any perversion to me is normal !!!

Gis a Kiss !"!!

Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you who the other{edit} is!

Chilled mate…honest…I aint Poof…but the Geezer I sleep with used to be…

So that’s a nice welcome from LB.


FFS it’s supposed to be 2006 and you lot are supposed to be open minded. Several posts have been removed, some edited and some PMs sent. Consider all the PMs to be yellow cards, and one more homo-phobic comment from any of you and you’ll be off for a month. No warnings or debates. I’m a busy bee at the mo and can’t be bothered with debates.

Behave like adults, or you’re off. Simple.

Yes, at least a couple that I know of!
Who’s asking?

Did the clocks go back 1 hour?

Nope, 8 years :wink:

Zombie thread, bit early for Halloween isn’t it?