Garage Cabinets and Furniture

Any opinions of garage furniture? I lived in a house that had Dura cabinets and they were great quality. I’ve done some research online and Sealey look really good and good value.

Is there anywhere you can buy them used? I’ve looked on ebay but there isn’t much on there.

Just thought I’d ask about others experience.

Curious about this. I’ve been looking at the IKEA range for shelf cabinets… Although mine is more basic storage needs

I used Ikea cabinets in my garage when I refurbished it. They’re doing okay. I also built my own workbenches. If I was doing it again, I would probably just build the workbench and then use actual garage cabinets above and drawers that roll in underneath on wheels from a garage-specific company, so you get standard sizes, accessory drawers, etc.

Here’s garages I like. You might get some ideas from it:

I have too many of IKEA’s old 1000 W x 1750 H x 300/600 version of these from 30 years back. Too many? Yes, I have 8 units, 4 off 300 deep and 4 off 600 deep and I’ve been hoarding ever since.

I’ve been looking at the IKEA bror system

Thanks for link Jay, will take a look as I have pretty of time for inspiration because I have to clear garage out first…

Ive got a sealey tool chest, and have a few observations.

They fell well built, especially for the price, but
The draws are smaller than i expected
The draw bottoms are fairly thin, so they curve a bit and catch on the one below
The runners are riveted on, so if something moves in the draw and blocks it opening you have to poke things in to move it (the facom set i had at work the draws unclip)
The draws are meant to lock when the lid is shut, this doesnt work all the time (though its only an issue if you are doing something like putting it in a car, or actually want it locked)

Overall, im still happy i got it, but thought id warn you of these bits

For drawer storage I have two old battle ship grey steel Bisley A4 drawer cabinets, a 15 drawer for smalls and a 6 drawer for spanners, sockets, pliers, grips etc. Picked up the 6 drawer for free from a hospital skip and the other for peanuts off eBay. They don’t look pretty but a rattle can can sort that, what they are is sturdy.

Second hand. I have an old wardrobe which doesn’t work in the house, no point buying new.

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Wardrobes in the garage can seem like an odd idea, I have a solid oak Freecycle offering in mine for all my motorcycle clothing, helmets etc

Try Freecycle type sites, there’s always people getting rid of kitchen cabinets, worktops, etc.

For specific tool storage, Halfords are usually decent value for money & there’s usually offers on them. I have some of their ‘Industrial’ range, which are nice, but they don’t seem to do them anymore.

Really happy with my sealey stuff


Those units look good. I have a corner they would fit well in.

Lots of bargains out there Redirecting...

I think I’ll go with Sealey. Dura are nice but double the price and I’m not a professional. I just want some nice functional units to put things into. I’ve a corner where the Sealey corner unit would fit well.

Resurrecting this thresd. What are things to consider when choosing a wooden vs stainless steel worktop? The Sealey corner unit is almost the same price for either finish.

Wooden is for recreating The Repair Shop
Metal is for recreating Dexter

In all seriousness, also interested in this answer

Wood is easier to replace, but soaks up oil etc.
Steel dents, which looks more unsightly, but spills are more likely to end up on the floor.

Personally, I prefer wood as it gives more character.

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I prefer using kitchen worktops
They are cheap and easy to replace


Mine’s an old kitchen. Cheap as chips on eBay

Gets my vote too. Tough enough & easy to keep clean.

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