FYI: There will be an interruption in service at some point

We’re moving server shortly. At some point soon, the site will go into read-only mode, and we’ll move over to the new server. Do not be alarmed!

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Will you be updating once this has happened?

Are we there yet?

I will. Please continue to use the site as normal. At some point it will go read-only whilst we move.


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Starting the migration now. Fingers crossed.
You won’t be able to post until we’re out the other side.

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What if we can still post?

I haven’t made it read-only yet. Looking for the button :slight_smile:

Sorry all, had to cancel the migration. Something went wrong. Please carry on as normal :slight_smile:

ERROR:  could not create unique index "unique_post_links"
DETAIL:  Key (topic_id, post_id, url)=(19891, 32700, is duplicated.

To be precise ^

the unique isn’t unique

Not much is, anymore.

DHL delivered two ids by mistake when there should only be one

In this case, none would be better than two.
We have a professional working on resolving the issue.

We’ve migrated. Let me know if there’s any issues.
Currently looking into getting email notifications turned back on.

Email notifications back on.

It’s faster now too. We have SSDs, yo!

Whats going on with the app icon on my home screen? Getting smaller and smaller…can hardly see it.

Not sure. Could you take a screenshot and share it please?

Here it is