FYI: There will be an interruption in service at some point

Its OK on my android device

The icon on mine has shrunk a bit too, not as much as HBG’s though. Not an issue, just a bit strange

Might have to try and re-create the shortcut. We’ve not changed anything our side.

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Might be a scaling thing of the original image file?

Curiouser and curiouser. The icon is shrinking a bit more each day.

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Just applied an update that had some mention of icons. Fingers crossed.

Site is taking longer to open than it used to. I thought it was my phone connection to start with but all other sites are fine.

We’ve not noticed any performance degradation. Hrm.

Shortcut reset icon shinrking each day

How do you do that? My icon has almost disappeared!

Got rid of the shrinking icon but dont know how yonget it back. Help please?

On Android, click the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘add to homescreen’

I now have a full sized icon again

Thanks. All sorted.

My icon is shrinking again

Is it cold?

3 days ago it filled the white circle

Delete and then add it back to your homescreen

That is what I did but this is the new one.

Ahhh, same here now. I think the icon that appears full screen while the forum loads is doing the same.
Most odd

Reset it again 2 days ago smd it filled the circle now shrinking again