fxxker stole my car and both bikes

hi guys looking for you help over the next month or 3

we was burgled thursday morning between 2.30am and 8am
they poped the front door
stole stuff from in side our house the we where asleep in our beds
once they had gone though the house they
got into the garage and tuck both bikes and our car
if you see anything that you think could be from the bikes or the car please email me [email protected] or call 07515743167
2005 audi a4 2.0tdi

yamaha r6 2003

kawasaki zx10r

both bike at show 2 weeks ago

any info leading to me getting bikes car OR THE GUYS WHO DID IT will get a cash reward

Jesus… sorry to hear that mate :angry:

Bastards, hope you get your stuff back intact.

Sorry to here that,hope the thieving barstools get locked up.





Sorry to hear about this - what area did this happen?

Mate that sucks.

Shouldn’t be too difficult tracing the zx10 seeing as it was in dayglo orange. Did it still have all the gucci bits on it, if so then i would def say it will be stripped down and sold as parts. Check ebay for certain as these bits are worth a pretty penny.

Good luck chap.


you must be devastated! thieving [email protected] :angry:

your in essex arent you?

im not far away, will keep eyes and ears well open for ya.:wink:

ouch !!!

So sorry will keep em peeled for ya

Holy F*ck - sorry to hear this - will look out for similar looking parts for sale.

Bloody theiving fugs!!! Shouldn’t be too hard to spot bits being sold for your bikes though, they are both pretty distinctive!!

F83K ME!!! Thats shocking!!!
And I thought I was having a bad day!! Really sorry about that fella. This seems more than an opportunist theft here. I hope you are covered and all…

Gutting mate, really gutting :sick:

will keep eyes open for you

Sorry to hear that :angry:

Think I’ll accelerate my plans for a gound anchor!

Mate, sorry for your loss - hope the theives get whats coming to them…

Awwww thats bad:angry: to have taken all that they must have been watching you! to have come prepared there must have been a few of em…hope they catch the theiving bastids:angry:

Just shocking!!

Feel really sorry for you - i know who it feels when f*****s when they break in and rob you! Not as bad to have vechiles nicked mind you!

Just hope you get them back!!

Eyes wide open for sure, really sorry for you, I don’t think ‘gutted’ quite covers it!


Sorry to hear this m8. It’s happening all to often as well.

I’ll keep an eye out at the Pound. Chances are the bikes will already be stripped I’m afraid. Car may still turn up though!

My god, that’s insane! It’s hard to imagine them being able to get inside your house and to take everything when you’re upstairs asleep!

Fingers crossed for some return on this. What area was this?

Having one bike stolen is bad enough (I’ve just lost one), but to have two and a car stolen is unbelievable! I can’t imagine how well prepared they must have been!

I assume the Police are doing full forensics on the place?