Funeral arrangements for Davebez

Thanks for the update Ricky.

Will be there for the funeral.

Tiggi tells me that Dave’s family will be happy for us to ride to Dave’s funeral by bike. She says…

“Dave’s family are all happy for bikes to be at his funeral. His Dad was a biker himself, his Dad and step Mum used to tour Europe on the bike and this is one of the reasons David was into bikes; his Dad used to pick him up from school on the bike as well. David would get a real buzz out of knowing that loads of bikers will be there on the day, you know how much he enjoyed riding and being around fellow bikers!”

The funeral date will probably be the week after next - Ricky will post the actual date as soon as it is confirmed.

:crying: :crying:

I’m really sorry but i wont be able to make it! As i will be in Germany.

I really wanted to come not only because i breifly met Dave and wanted show my respects for a top guy but also out of respect for those who turned up at James funeral last month who had never met him. I was touched by the spirit of LB for that it made me feel truily prt of the community and im sure would mean the same to Tiggy and family.

When the date is announce ill take time away from what im doing to spend time with the few thoughts i have of Dave and the wheelies he almost had nailed.

Kindest Regards


I must know the day to book off work. I’m in.

Will chuck a sicky, when date confirmed and meeting place sorted the least we can do


will be there.

Thanks for the update

Will be there!

im gonna do my absolute best to attend.

I am going to try my best to get the day off as well…soon as all is known, date,time etc, i will do all i can to be there, will be so upset if i cant make it…

The funeral will be taking place in Heathfield, West Sussex, it will be the week after next, possibly the 3/06/08 but i will confirm this with you, I will try and give as much notice as possible.thanks guys & gals

thanks mate.

im off work for the next 2 weeks so il be there

The below message is from David’s family, they have asked me to pass it on. I also wanted to say thank you for the kind messages of support that you have all posted on here. I think it has already been mentioned that bikes will be welcome at the funeral, his family understand that it was something he loved. The village that the funeral is to be held in is quite small and parking will be tight so if you do attend just be mindful of this. Thank you again.

To all of David’s friends,

We would like to thank you for the kind support that you have shown to us following David’s death on Monday 19th May 2008, it is comforting to know just how popular he was.

David is to be buried and his funeral will be at All Saints Church, School Hill, Old Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 9AG at 2pm on Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

David loved flowers and he was a regular giver to charity.

His family would love to see lots of colourful flowers at the funeral and if you wish to send them please arrange for delivery to the funeral home on the morning of the 3rd or bring them with you to the church. If you would prefer to make a charitable donation then we know David supported; Save the Children and Cancer Research UK. Cheques should be made payable to the charity you prefer and sent to the funeral home.

David leaves two lovely young children; Ella aged 2 and Jack aged 1. We will be setting up a trust fund for them to call on when they grow up and if you prefer to contribute to this then please make separate cheques payable to Ella Berry and to Jack Berry and send these to the funeral home.

We hope you will join us afterwards to celebrate David’s life at the Star Inn adjacent to the church.

The funeral is being arranged with;

Serenity Funeral Directors, 43 South Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4UT

Tel 01323 736446

Flowers can also be ordered through Serenity.

Once again thank you for your support

David’s Family

Thank you for letting us know Dawn, …and Ricky in the additional thread.

I live in Heathfield and, although I cannot attend his funeral as I’m in Spain/Portugal, I will visit him once I return.

I never met Dave but knew him for his postings on this site. Great enthusiasm and superb sense of humour. He was in my ‘liked’ pile of people that post so if his name was on it, I’d read it.

A very sad loss.

Thanks for the update.

We should now arrange a rideout ?

Martinn and I will be working on it this shortly.

To everyone who would like to attend Dave’s funeral, here is the route we think we should take.Starting from the Ace (leaving at 10:30am),
going to Box Hill (leaving at 11:30am),
then to Godstone (meeting with riders from Locksbottom) just south of Junction 6 on M25 (leaving at 12 noon),
and finally heading south to Old Heathfield.,51.464300,-0.276460%3B4442713180890089357,51.465252,-0.244742%3B16144847428555575655,51.282290,-0.326164%3B12151372862894919960,51.268449,-0.329979%3B11293274703667973006,51.235880,-0.322290%3B18015230887180872350,51.241790,-0.166050%3B1277776796018467829,51.249820,-0.052790%3B14280303909031494279,51.249550,-0.052730&saddr=NW10+7UD&daddr=A205%2FClifford+Ave+%4051.464300,±0.276460+to:A205%2FUpper+Richmond+Rd+%4051.465252,±0.244742+to:A24%2FLeatherhead+Bypass+Rd+%4051.282290,±0.326164+to:A24+%4051.268449,±0.329979+to:A24%2FDeepdene+Ave+%4051.235880,±0.322290+to:A23%2FPrincess+Way+%4051.241790,±0.166050+to:A22%2FGodstone+Bypass+%4051.249820,±0.052790+to:51.248902,-0.048087+to:TN21+9AG&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=8&sz=16&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8&sll=51.24725,-0.051177&sspn=0.007293,0.019999&ie=UTF8&ll=51.24725,-0.051177&spn=0.933559,2.559814&z=9

Google Maps indicates the journey is 73 miles and we’ve picked a route avoiding motorways, so that anyone and everyone can join in. The ride will be prompt, but law abiding and everyone is welcome to participate in remembrance of Dave. I am happy to lead riders from the Ace to Box Hill - can anyone offer to collect folks from East London/Locksbottom and bring them to Godstone?

There’s a small detail in this route which shows the car park outside of Godstone where we could meet. I assume this is a pub and I hope they won’t mind us stopping there briefly.

If you would definitely like to join the ride, then please PM me and I’ll make sure we wait for you at the appropriate stop.

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