Funeral arrangements for Davebez

The funeral arrangements are still underway, Dave did request that he be buried so the funeral may be delayed, I will let you guys and gals know with as much notice as possible, It transpires that Davids dad was once a biker so he has no problem with bikes being used to attend the funeral, The funeral will take place down on the south coast, maybe all riding to the funeral could meet and ride together for “Davids last ride” because i’m sure he’ll be there with us!!!That’s it for now guys but i’ll update as soon as things change.

Thanks Ricky - keep us updated.

Will be there, thanks for the update x

Thanks for keeping us posted R1cky.

I will try my best to join you all for this. Keep us informed R1cky.

thanks for letting us know mate…just say the word and it’ll be there…


Thanks Ricky, I’ll be going so will keep my eye on this thread for more info.

I’ll be there.

would like to come along

ill be there sooon as i know day i can book it off work

i will be there. keep us posted rick.

Good idea, a ride out to Dave’s funeral would be a great idea.

Will be there for sure x

Unfortunately Grim & I will be at the IOM TT but we will be there in spirit & do a lap of the course for him x


Thanks for letting us know, please keep us informed as have to book day off work, if i can? Will be a emotional ride out to say the least…hard to ride with tears in your eyes thinking of the day, but something that has to be done for a fellow biker. x

ill be there

and steve just phone in sick no need to book a day off then lol

Thanx Rick.

I’ll be there


we will also be there.

I am off to France next week so if I am not there in presence I will be there in mind and thought. You are amongst many friends that will put on a good show for Dave.


If I have the time off I will be there.