From Weybridge and beyond!


A recent discovery has lead to many LB members being discovered in the green belt of Weybridge area.

So, as Jewell suggests - lets get together for a cruise past the many coffee houses, kitchen shops, boutique lady shops that the town has to offer.

Prob up to Box Hill then south from there.

Dates please? Maybe next weekend?

Someone pm when all days/dates and times have been arranged. If i have the wonga and its this sunday I may be around with a certain smiley person. we would like to join you Surrey Posh Boys

For both of us it does depend on a few things. :smiley:

Marvelous Darling - will pm you when its organized:)

But dont be bringin all dat street ting wid u innit - I dont want to upset the locals with you two hood rats :wink:

Instead, bring some Ferrero Rocher for the Ambassador - he likes a good spoiling :w00t:

arrr you be messing wid de wrongs bois yeah! Us hood rats know some dark fellas u kno.

Ferrero Rocher…I cant even say dat tom foolery chocoshitlate. :smiley:


I’m a snob and proud(down to earth one I think):smiley:

Well I did send a PM round with dates but I’m now off till Friday, Birthday Thursday so I’m game for anything. Motorbike riding or banging Lewis from behind with Smiled watching.:smiley:

Zee, did you send the link around? If not , I will send it to the Surrey crew innit “blud”.


Well i think Sunday’s probably going to be best for most peeps (weather dependent of course!).

No, i didnt send round to the others but im sure they will see this thread…

Wow, i really do fancy a Ferrero Rocher right now…

what a sausage feast…hehe sorry fest this is!!


I’ve got to get off my posh and perfectly formed arse and sort this out.

Sunday 20th. We’ll meet in Weybridge area at around 10:30 (exact location TBC) for cuppa and a sausage - oh matron.

Bit of a cruise then on to Box Hill for more tea - prob another sausage…

Off down south towards Horsham and round to Midhurst, grab some lunch around there (sausages perhaps?) and there is an AWESOME road in Alton towards Basingstoke thats sooo good we are gonna do it twice.

Back up towards London and finish at the Ace should you feel the need for another cup of tea… and perhaps a sausage.

Its not going to be a HUGE ride but i’d say it will be about 5/6 hrs depending on weather, fun, police, sausage quality etc.

As my bike will only just be back from the menders :blush: please dont challenge me at traffic lights as I will certainly accept and probably crash instantly… again :w00t:

But seriously though, Its not going to be superfast, but not superslow either :wink:

Providing I can get my lazy ass out of bed you can count me in boss (and for everyone else that wasn’t me being Bugsy Malone, he really is my boss haha).

I do know what your idea of ‘not superfast’ is though…:crazy:


Hmmm B- “Must Try Harder”! :wink:

I also am living out that way at the moment just the other end of the seven hills road

when are you guys thinking of meeting up?

I’m up for this one :D:D

Isnt that a Veterinary Surgery or an all girls school??! :wink:

Dunno yet, thats TBC - Somewhere which sells tea and we can park our bikes up in front of… Was thinking Cafe Rouge in true chain restaurant Weybridge style… but its hard to get spaces up there… although they do have a carpark out back… Hmm…

Actually - this is PERFECT. There is a little tea cafe down by Walton Bridge on the River - plenty of parking, nice views and cheap tea and bacon butties. Yes, thats it - done… here it is,-4.064941&sspn=24.598922,53.4375&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Weybridge,+United+Kingdom&layer=c&cbll=51.386752,-0.430489&panoid=2FoK8ujSwenhDTzPXrJwtg&cbp=12,9.01,,0,9.88&ll=51.386781,-0.430613&spn=0.022764,0.10437&z=14

Watch out for that pothole!

Great stuff Conrad - see you there!

mmm…sounds tasty…if i get my bike sorted out i will then look forward to all those varieties of sausages…seriously how many times did you write “sausage” i couldn’t read this post without getting excited and dribbling! :w00t: :laugh:

just joking :slight_smile:

… Sausage… :w00t:

Anna, you’re such a whore :smiley:

I’m up for this, just need to get the day off from bastid work.

As a ManWhore, surely you are your own boss to decide to take the day off?! Or do you have a pimp :smiley:

will cornerman system be used?

Well I am officially off, something else has popped up so might catch you at the box if you’re heading there.