Frith Street Udate!

IMHO, Soho is loud enough without the bikers so what are these ppl complaining about! If ure taking your family for a nice meal out to a quite restaurant who in their right mind would go to soho. It has loads of loud bars and clubs surrounding where we park as well as plenty of loud drunkards (not to mention whore houses!). We bring the cafe’s business and they should be grateful.

The antics are damn funny and dont really hurt any1, sometime they do go to far, but as long people dont damage others property or offend (not saying that its has happened) i dont see any problem in it. Telling some filth drunks ‘would u like to sit on my bike or my face?’ is hardly the end of the world.

And as for the residents, wtf do these ppl expect! They live in Soho! If they want a quite life fck of back to the suburbs. I live in the centre of bristol and its damn loud, but u dont hear me btchin n moaning to thenearby clubs to ‘turn it down’ so why should us bikers.

That just my opnion

Unfortunately, the anti-social behaviour some people hope is just a rumour is not. Just two weeks ago a member of this ‘community’ Cezar talks about was seen riding on pavements to escape the police. A week/two before that, I witnessed the very same person opening a passing car’s boot and stealing an item (low monetary value, but who knows what the sentimental value could be to the owner) from the boot.

I didn’t exactly laugh at either event. Nor did the car driver who realised later his boot was open and had to get up and close it. Nor did the people who had to jump onto the road to escape the biker riding on the pavement.

I agree with those who say we should keep the noisy antics to the Ace and reserve Soho for chatting with friends over coffee & hot choc. Ogling at passing miniskirted legs optional.

Rottie, I appreciate what you’re saying, but it’s not really like that … we all cheer for sure, but now we are in danger of losing one of our favourite haunts, we’d like to take some positive action to keep the place!

Perhaps we can pursuade Sonic & Ghostie to “have a nice word” with the “noise & smoke makers”?!

Im sorry Paivi, that imo is unacceptable behaviour i didnt realise that actually happened as i wasnt there, i knew som1 tried to escape but the police but not in the process endangering human lives.

It seems its just a few irresponsible ppl, but maybe now the police have expressed their concerns those kind of ppl will not come to soho in future.

I was trying to be politically correct here! Everyone knows what’s abusive and what’s have fun! Let’s only have fun!


Why don’t we all tape coffee cups (dirty, sticky) all over Andrew’s new bike and have a good laugh abou it?
After all he is up for a laugh and, he wont bother making a trip down if we cannot provide any…


Oh yeah I like that idea

I guess that we should go down to Frith, behave, and try and set an example. If I’m allowed to oggle miniskirt’d females (and they must definitely be female) then I’ll make the trip. If you want to stick stuff on the 'ped you’ll have to catch me first as I race up and down the pavement.

Perhaps if LB went down there on a different night, when there may be fewer other bikers there, and show everyone what a good clean living lot we are, then we can win over some critics.

Mind, gotta control those mad scary people who strip off and roll about the floor!!! That really lowers the tone.

So Mini-Mo, it’s invite-only for you

Ps You got wrinkly stockings Nora?


errr have you people looked out of your windows? cats /dogs? no?? are you still up for it (Frith St.) even thought it looks as though Noah’s Ark is approaching on the Thames by Tower Bridge?

Yes, I think there’ll be a very small crowd out tonight.

Slippers and cocoa for me.

(Oh and visit to the garage to check on my girls… )

Eh? Tiny bit of damp creeping in from the west, but it’s all gone now. Just tucking into some pasta to build up the energy for a ride to Soho.

HAve a good one.

No burnouts you! Or naked dancing :o

Damn, was thinking of wheelying the entire length of Frith…

Is that a dig at me?

Don’t you like the emperor’s new leathers? And I thought this was a community for everyone!

OK, WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WAS EVERYBODY TONIGHT? I was all on my own there! Nobody to keep me company or warm! You’re useless. Waste of space. You’re fired!

Sorry you were alone Paivi! I was in the Coliseum watching the Rigoletto, had 3 ice-creams during the intervals…lol

I didn’t get back from France till 9!

I’ve been there once, years ago. Saw La Traviata and to my horror realised it was sung in English! It’s soooo wrong, opera should be sung in Italian, French or even Russian’s better than English.

Well Paivi, I have already given you my thoughts about tonight’s fiasco, you tell 'em girl. I won’t be making the effort again that’s for sure. I only get one friday night free every 3 weeks cause of family reasons… so i was pretty uninpressed.


Frith last night turned in to a fiasco

Over zealous traffic wardens a super copper giving verbal’s over covered number plates bikes riding round in circles Lester Square Frith Lester Square Frith something has got to be done my view is we are about to lose one of our meeting places.

After a short conversation with some of the local business owners they do not mind the bikes as we bring trade and give a lot of trade over the summer months. They do mind the burn-outs etc, etc. as it’s not good with in a food area. Part of the tourist attraction for the area on Friday nights is the bikes so they do not want to completely stop it as it also brings the none biking community to the area.

Frith Street has been a part of biking in London for a long time maybe positive steps through local government and councils may bring the answer. Because the fiasco on Friday night can only work to aggravate the situation the bike want to be there the police or certain elements of the police force don’t want us there.

So Friday turned into a cat and mouse situation funny at first then tiresome. With nether party willing to give in something positive has to be done that includes the parking attendants.

All of the above is my view be it wrong or right