Frith Street Udate!

What time was this, Mike? I seem to have missed all the entertainment: I was there from around 10pm to 10.30-ish, then got tired of being the lone biker!

We do need to do something, but it will have to be a collective effort, not just a few people. Having said that, I promise that I will not do any burn-outs and wheelies in Soho…

Looks like meetings with the coppers, council and local residents and businesses are in order. Perhaps the short term solution is to have marshalls? Not sure that could be done, though, as Frith St is not an organised event. I wouldn’t like it to get this far, either, common sense should prevail!

If anything needs to be done and any LB members involved, I don’t mind doing it, as I may represent the ‘acceptable face of biking’ being both a female and just a scooterist, not a big bad hairy biker. (No offence, Mike… ) (Man, you’re hot…)

Got to Frith about 10.30 10.45 traffic wardens arrived about 10.50 super cop arrived about 11.15

Marshalls in Frith Ohhhh God No it would not be workable as it is a public street and not private ground but somthing has to be done meetings would be good with all.

My opinion on the night:

Frith Street = Cradle of Filth = total bag-o-shite

Present on the night: druggies, hookers, poofters, trannies, coppers, traffic wardens, bloody pedal powered wanna be taxies and…

a few bikers

What a result!!!


You missed “pretend Motard” from the list!

The antics are damn funny and dont really hurt any1, sometime they do go to far, but as long people dont damage others property or offend (not saying that its has happened) i dont see any problem in it. Telling some filth drunks ‘would u like to sit on my bike or my face?’ is hardly the end of the world.

Totally contradicted yourself there Anil. That last line is incredibly offensive.