Frith Street Udate!

Frith St. is not closed down!

Last Friday when some of you came back to the Ace having been told to leave bar italia (Frith St.), a bunch of us decided to go down there and check things out.

There were plenty of bikes around when we arrived, soon after, a Police van turned up and the driver started talk to a group of us, about a new guy, Sergeant important,that is on duty tonite, who has already moved on a few Bikers earlier this evening and asked them to keep a eye out for any that return as he plans to come back with the council and ticket them all!

The officer said “let him do it himself we don’t give a fuck” and drove off.

The officer also told us the this new guy was pissed off with some of us last week who were sounding off outside the indian place facing Bar Italia,we know what happened some off were involved and most of us saw it!

No police bothered us all nite after that!

So lets cool it for a while!

Nice one Vinnie!!

Let’s try to keep the engine reving burn-out boys under control, and perhaps we’ll get to keep our sacred haunt.

That’s a great news! Thanks


all of these bike meats which are in popular night spots as the frift meet is will be shut down sooner or later basically becauce there are certian groups of people spoilling it for everyone eles i.e standing in front of cars, sticking cans to cars wing mirrors and basicaaly holding up the movement of the cars trying to get passed. im not stying be boring but hell lets not draw the attension of the old bill more then we do already guys

Welcome to LB basejumper/biker! I make your words mine!

Is’nt it always the way, a few rotten apples spoil it for the rest, i hope it carries on as i want to come up for the first time this year, meet some more of you guys n gals and do the, ACE, Bridge and frith street meets on a Friday.

Good to hear Vinnie. We (the community) should take it on ourselves to politely point out to people who ruin it for others that their behaviour isn’t welcome. How realistic that is, I don’t know, I guess it depends who’s doing the telling.

I hope by that you mean changing the font & colour…

so… my question is… are you guys going back to frith street tomorrow night and if so, who’s going? i might make it a note to come and say hi to some of you. I don’t have my son this weekend so I am not in a rush to see the missus…

Aaaaargh, my eyes, my eyes…

So, now that you won’t have Marco with you, why not go to France, signor Capitano?

Frith St is not closed down! True! i arrived 10:45 last week and had no probs.i would be there tonight,only thing is i’ll be freezing in Latvia for the weekend, -15 at night

Oh how full of $hit some opinions here sound. now everyone is quiet and polite and noone was laughing out loud when Ghostie and Sonic were doing their prank jokes :stuck_out_tongue: .But when you’re there everyone is cheering!
Sorry guys but without all this I prefer stay at home, that’s what makes Soho meets so special, and that’s why Chelsea bridge is so bloody boring and noone wants to go there anymore.

Surely the point here is that Frith St is a very small area with loads of people pushing/passing by. The buildings are high and this all adds to a feeling of being enclosed, as compared to Chelsea bridge where everything is more open.

Of course we are going to get complaints if we sound off at Frith and so lets try and control it otherwise we will lose it.

Shame to lose a great place with loads of atmosphere and some of the best coffee outside of Italy.

I think it’s the revin’ that does it, it’s the residents that complained, not the shop owners. I don’t think anybody goes to Soho to hear some guy rev his bike, we can all do that on our own thanks very much.

You are wrong there Jay. I went to some of the shops as I said here before ( you know what I was doing there)and they are not happy! Their customers are complaining to them and asking if they can’t do anything about that! I couldn’t even put my ideas on the table for them… My wife was with and we both agreed that the moment was wrong to aproach those business with a proposal… Shame as I said before!

The solution in my view is to keep the Ace Cafe for the noise bit , as they seems to cope well with that and keep soho for a social meeting! Those who like the noise at all times can just stay at the ace from 9pm onwards and not go to soho. Those who want a coffe latte and have a chat while looking at the birds passing by on mini skirts but, understand that that place is not for rev/burnouts etc, keep giong there.

It’s not about aproove or not this or that behaviour ! It’s about recognise that we have a nice place to be on fridays nights and we can lose it due to complains about the way we are handling it. In he end the day bikes or cars are not allowed to be there anyway, if we are is becouse someone is closing their eyes for us. Let’s not loose it! if we don’t act now we will! It’s as simple as that!

There’s no point on keep looking for the guilty ones as it will divide us and can result in a raw! Remember that in the eyes of the public “the bikers are making the noise” “the bikers are doing the burnouts” not and individual or another! This is the moment where we trully become a community, wanting it or not! “THE BIKERS ARE DOING IT”

Here here.

I’m with Rottie here, and hold my hand up as one who laughs at the pranks of Gho… and Son… and various others.

And long may their pranking continue TBH. Obviously there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Rumours of riding against the traffic flow, filling the cafe with tyre smoke, backfiring etc are I hope only rumours and I’d suggest that they are all the wrong side of the line.

If we all have to put our baffles in and park up to chat like a bleeding BMW-biker advert, then I’ll not bother with the trip there either.

My view is that it is the venue that needs to be changed, not us. Perhaps we could meet further up the street? So we’re not exhaustend on to the cafes etc, but still in / near the thick of it.

Oh for what’s its worth, I don’t fancy ‘suggesting’ to a biker who is larking about that they tone it down. They would likely, and quite rightly, wonder who the hell I am and where do I get off!!

Be careful putting your beliefs on others without being invited to do so, guys and galls. That way trouble lies.

are you sure those birds passing by in miniskirts that you’ve mentioned, are not trannies? That area is a known to be fair bit on the gay side…

Hehe there are a few ladyboys who hang around, and have misled one or two LB’ers before!

I’ll not mention names, but you know who you are. LOL LOL LOL

LOL, some of them are and actually they have lovely legs mate! lol (i didn’t say that). I think they are funy and take our jokes very well…