Friends son refuses to do a CBT

My girlfriends nephew turned 16 last week.

The sister has bought him a 50cc scooter and he has his provisional. I have no idea about insurance.

When I knew he was getting the scooter I gave him a long lecture about life savers, riding with the right gear etc etc.

Two weeks ago (before his provisional came through) I said I’d take him to the training school in Glasgow where I did my DAS last year and get him booked in.

Anyway on Sat night at a wedding reception I said we’d go and see when we could book him in for his CBT the next day.

He then tells me he’s not going to do the CBT.

“Why should he have to do it. He knows how to ride a scooter and why should he waste a day of his time.”

I explained about insurance not being valid - if he causes an accident etc etc.

His dad sitting next to him said he’d be doing the CBT before he’s allowed on the scooter.

So I left it at that.

Lo and behold on Sunday he turns up at my girlfriend’s having ridden the scooter round.

I never said anything as I don’t want to get in to family warfares.

Fortunately I came back down to London this morning so am out of it.

What would you do in this situation?

I’d let his father know about it. Leave it at that. Silly buggers, or you could necklace him and play with matches, but that might traumatise him…

give me the details and ill shop him in anonymously.:wink:

you’ve made your feelings clear and highlighted the insurance side of things.

His parents are aware of the situation.

Reckon other than trying again to convince the rider directly there’s not a lot else that i would do.

its all very well saying ive done all i can but what if he breaks his back (or someone elses!) how would we feel knowing that we COULD have done more?
Just a thought.

Sorry, but that’s just not on…
Let his Dad know. How would you feel if it was your toddler he mowed over, cos he had the arrogance to think the rules didn’t apply to him?

Taking the CBT won’t stop him from having accidents but if he hits someone after having done it at least the person he hits wouldn’t find his invalidated insurance wasn’t going to cover their healthcare…

Its not just about him, its a responsibility to everyone his arrogance puts at risk…

if i was his old man i’d inform teh police, let him ride off and let him eperience getting pulled and nicked for not having a CBT, might change his mind about wether he should/shouldnt have one.

sounds to me like his parents are not bothered? its a simple task to take teh keys off him till he passes.

like what?

so by shopping him what happens other than he might get a ban.

from the sound of it he’ll ride no matter WHAT.

Education is the key. Unless you think you can personally enforce all lawbreaking.


Doesn’t want to ‘waste a day of his time’ eh!?
Little bugger! He has all the time in world! I wish I had started younger.

it might sort him out tho, i learnt after spending hours in cells…many times! did take a few arrests, but i learnt that it aint worth it.

personally if i was teh parent id take the keys off him and spare keys , and he wouldnt get them back until he goes and does his CBT.

For His Own good shop him

A) Make sure his dad knows he may not know he took the bike out

B) We have to pay insurance so why shouldnt he

C) He might think he can ride but he is 16 and he could learn for cbt


D) Grrrrrr if he crashes in to me grrrr i say grrrrr

he should still be punished, otherwise whats the point in having a system of law?

if he hurts anyone they will have to claim from that uninsured road users fund rather than the boy’s insurance company and that will give them a lot less to help with injuries/rehab etc

other ways for me to educate and convince my own son other than getting him nicked.

thats true, do tell! how would you go about it dude?

chatting to my kids works, trying to convince them about the consequences of their actions.

One’s almost 21 now and touch wood she has always made the right choices (that she’ divulged to me that is) hell she even wants to be Old Bill… (re-applying next year)

Hey i’m no superdad or know-it-all, if i was i’d be on day time tv as Chenster Kyle BUT i know what i WOULDN’T do

i see what ya mean, i never listened as a kid, i knew it all soon found out i didnt!:wink: glad yours are sensible! tho the size of you fella i wouldnt argue! (lost my da when i was 10 so never had him to around to tell me)

Yea, this would be the first thing I’d do.
Then sit him down for a chat about being a responsible man (which he wouldn’t want to hear and would leave the room in a tantrum while telling me that all his mates do it, so why can’t he?)

was kind’ve the same to be honest, Only way to grow up in Tottenham in the 70’s/80’s. Hard headed and ignorant was me, 8 years in Nigeria and i came back a new man.

I reckon that’s the only reason im ‘sensible’ and the way i am now.

Sorry to hear about your dad pal, mustve taken strength mate on your behalf.

yep i hear ya there mate, mate i bet nigera was a wake up call huh!

yeah it did, say no more here, i speak to ya when i see ya next, was hard, very hard.


damn straight mate, still let him throw a wobbly if you have teh keys he aint riding!:smiley:

Absolutely fella, talking to this lad and making him realise that it’s not just him that could potentially suffer the consequences is a far better option than just getting him knicked!

Maybe highlighting the really positive stuff would make a difference, what if he wants to get a bigger bike when he gets older, say in a couple of years, if he starts right now with proper kit and training that could be a reality and he’ll soon be trading the scooter in for something cooler and more exciting to ride?

Take him out on the back of yours and point out that if he gets nicked for no CBT now it’ll seriously bugger up his chances of getting something more fun to ride in future, it may only be a PR exercise but if it convinces him to change his attitude it’s got to be worth a go?!?

Best of luck with whatever you decide.