Friday Night - 11th Jan

Nice one Tiggi, nice to have some newbies come along…you’ll find us at one of the tables :slight_smile:

Good to meet some of you earlier, sorry I didn’t stay too long, still not well :frowning: Hope to see you up there again soon :smiley:

hey tiggi good to meet you too! will recognise you by your helmet so to speak…:smiley:

Nice to meet you too Tiggi…Cor chilly night at Clapham Tea Hut, just got home and still trying to warm up…you poor old things on ya bikes :smiley:

nice to meet you Tiggy :slight_smile:

I got sooo lost on the way home, I acutally ended up back at Clapham after about 20 minutes riding, lol. Got home eventually :smiley:

ohhh dear…my fingers felt like i played in the snow too long…!!!:w00t:

good to be home and sooo glad i saw the hardcore of LB out…nice one!!!


Shoulda took the Tom Tom :PWell done Tiggy for coming up to a table with Terry-Moto on, must have been quite daunting :smiley:

glad i stayed at the ace in the warmth then, if you got lost sherrie then i would diffo not be home by now lol

Another top friday night:)

And a free cold shower, what more could you ask for? :stuck_out_tongue:

fecking excellent night!!:smiley:

How does it go Westie… You f’kin bald headed c*nt!!! :laugh: I just pmsl that sort of language came out of your mouth aimed at Terry LOLOLOL and Terry was innocent… See Mark might be quiet but he’s trouble really :smiley:

I needed one after seeing 1eater last night;)

Did Jo oblige when you got home then? ;):smiley:

I needed something to warm myself up:w00t::wink:

shame cos it was so hot here we had to open the windows, Ang i dont believe those words came out of westies mouth BUT if it was at terry then i can understand it.

well…well…well…its andyp69…

how was the spice girls concert ast night mate…hope it went well;).


blew them out mate, stayed at home, had a bowling competition with chris & rana till 3.30am,

Well i do aim to shock sometimes, i aint innocent…:smiley:

All cause I would’nt let him chew me meat :smiley: