Free Satvnav for iPhone 3GS/4

I’ve been running TomTom on my iPhone for a while and like all TomTom products is fairly good although it does have a few roads missing or miss directed in Scotland.

Recently I was introduced to NavFree, which as the name suggests in a free Satnav for the iPhone 4 and iPad.

Having done some side by side tests with the TomTom I have to say if you want a SatNav for the UK and you have an iPhone 3GS/4 it’s defenitily an app to go for.




thanks for that, will look into it.

PS. What network you on? you want to get on o2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Been an o2 customer since day one :slight_smile:

its not really that relaible tho… it seems to take v random routes*, best used when you reach near your destination.

*it took a mate of mine 3 hours to get to mine instead of 50mins using Navfree :w00t:

It’s OK,

I’m not complaining because it’s free and it’s sorted me out a few times. It’s relatively easy to use but in terms of address database and routes, it’s not up-to-date. It can’t find my address if I put in my street (it’s in a parade, just off a road), and doesn’t go and find the most obvious shortcuts. Certain small roads, despite being A/B classified aren’t listed.

To be fair though, I might plump out the £38 for copilot europe. But for the meantime, it only takes up 300mb and gives a reasonable estimate of your ETA which is what I needed it for.

Ram Mount + 12V accessory socket with USB plug and you’re sorted.

Interesting, I used it over a 4 week period side by side with the TomTom and it only diviated the route once

for my car I use telmaps via my blackberry and I have to say its awesome (but then its not free) When you enter in a post code for an industrial estate etc it comes up with all the business names :slight_smile: it is the most up to date too, never can’t find an add when google maps/blackberry maps say there isn’t one etc.

I get it free via work, and started using it when the cradle for my cheapy tom tom one broke and havent looked back

well like Titz said its free so you cant complain… but id check the roote against googlemap before setting off… just in case :wink:

A quick scan of google maps and more than 3 brains cells you’ll get to where you want to go by reading the road signs and road

^ I’m smelling a tight ar5e :stuck_out_tongue:

Got TomTom Urban Rider on the bike now and TomTom on the iPhone and find that they are spot on most of the time so don’t need to check their routes.

Although I do recommend navfree to my new testers when they turn up in Livingston just so they don’t get lost between there and Edinburgh :slight_smile:

I wish I didn’t have an Iphone now!

Satnavs take the fun out of getting lost… and inevitably, you lose your sense of dead reckoning, which in my case seemed to be relatively good.

I don’t really use sat navs much purely because once I’ve been shown a place once, I’ve got very good geographical memory to do the route again unassisted.

Forgot to mention,

what’s wrong with an A5 sheet of paper stuck to the tank (laminated/covered) with waypoints?

I always used to do that when I was co-driving with my dad over europe.


A406 -> Brent Cross ->A41 North (NOT south) -> Apex Corner -> A1 -> North ->Hatfield NOT Edgware

So you’d have a running list of clear roads and your intended destination with the name of the place that you DON’T want to go which is on the other end of the road that you wish to take.

Nothing wrong with preflight checks since you’re prepared for your journey and can anticipate junctions before they crop up… Sat navs rely on dozy C(_)n7s looking at their screens and NOT at their blindspots, taking immediate action to what the dozy bint on the screen says and cuts across 3 lanes of motorway ONLY to take the wrong exit when they do leave!

It breeds uneducated drivers as well as riders (not to as an extent).

It’s a distraction at best and if it were me, I’d rather not use it… but it’s so handy seeing what time you’ll make it home by!

im with Shiver & titz… i spend a few minuted before on the pc looking at google maps and then if i get lost i use googlemaps again on the phone.

bet i got a good sense of direction and like titz a good geographical memory.

use it or loose it :wink:

Bit of paper doesn’t warn you when there’s a little yellow box at the side of the road :smiley:

Theres only one speed camera I know of that is so well hidden it would catch people out as it’s behind a wall on the a2. I don’t need satnavs to warn me of one as I read the road signs and look ahead.

Too many people driving into fords and railway lines because satnavs take over their minds.

Thanks to my ol’ Garmin, I got to Barcelona with a few stops in bewteen and no major problems (only minors from me, not the device).

I’ll enjoy comparing it to the alternatives on the Galaxy S when I pick it up!

aye, literally a daily occurrence isn’t it!!! LOL!!! suprised the haven’t been banned already :stuck_out_tongue:

given the crazy lane changing, braking etc that happens coming up to roundabouts/junctions it is much safer for people to look at a sat nav well in advance, see what lane and what exit they need and then to be looking where they are going - and watching out for idiots rubber necking looking at road signs not knowing where they are going!

Sat Navs can be good for getting to an important meeting without having to rely on Googlemaps or spend time trying to work out route/ streetview cues… Also if you are planning a loooong trip down routes people have recommended, it can be invaluable rather than thinking ‘where is this great twisty road?’

I remember when I was going to Job Interviews in a car in London, I would have missed half of them without Sat Nav!

On a bike I don’t use it cause it’s so expensive and I refuse to buy an iphone/blackberry… And I do feel I now have a better knowledge of London roads (though still limited to certain areas/roads) and can remember how to get to places quicker!

And that clearly doesn’t happen with people who wait for the satnav to wake up and then jump across a lane, roundabout or exit;)

Your extremly naieve if you think satnavs are better then using your head.