Free Gazebo for a good home!

LB’s got a big black gazebo that we’ve sometimes used for events, but we’ve run out of storage room in LB towers and it’s got to go.

It’s free to anyone that wants it. It’s worth a hundred quid or so and is in mint condition.

I would only ask though that if we did need it for some odd reason, that we were able to borrow it for a day.

Here’s a pretty crap picture of it:

Collect from East London, Zone 2.

I’ll take it :smiley:

Kaos you prick!

Ill collect tonight!!! lol. I need it for my gazebo city!

You will take it round to mine?

How very nice! :pinch:

rofl you already have two !! lol you won’t have no garden left the rate you going :smiley:

They were borrowed! Now my poor starving (because you eat all the food) children will get cold and wet this winter (because you stolen their potentail new gazebo) Would have matched the KTM and blade well… sad times in Crayford Upon Thames tonight. Kaos = removed from friends list. Goodbye. Pricktard

Ah sorry Lewis :stuck_out_tongue: Though it is too far for you. I can collect from East London on foot! :smiley:

:hehe: I love it…A lovers tiff…

Motopup don’t fight the law mate!!

I fought the law and the law won!!

Im there now…

ring ring (doorbell)

“Hi Lewis - come for the gazebo…?” JAY

“yep, ill be out of your lovely place asap and wouldnt want to spoil your evening, plus the kids are getting wet as its raining” LEWIS

“not a problem, MR Future LB Events oragniser, for you will need this gazebo in the future!” JAY

“i will indeed! But for now, were all safe and dry, it really matters more than just grabbing a freebie!” LEWIS

“i hear ya Lew, that stupid horrible selfish Kaos was trying to get it!” JAY

ah… what could have been…



Yipeeeeee I A…Moto-Pup is my younger. You get me? Yeah? my younger from the block en it…Hood Rats forever…

You guys crack me up!

Kaos, do you really want it? Where abouts are you based?

oops double post.

Yeah I definitely want it mate. I am in East London. Stratford area.

I have a car, though Cheeky using it for work but if you need it gone asap, can come over any time after 3pm…going shopping tomorrow anyway as it is me mum’s birthday today and going up to see her saturday so need to buy a present :slight_smile:

Let me know when is a good time, and PM a post code to pick up from :smiley:

Bet Your Mum will be really chuffed to get a gazebo for her birthday Kaos:D

oi Jay bring it round here if you want , and yeah that pic does look crap you are right

I don’t think my sisters would let me get away with that…but it did cross my mind rofl :smiley:

Hey sorry guys, it’s since gone into storage. I got busy and then Andy was there in a flash to help me out.

It looks like Kaos has been ‘gazeboed’ :smiley:

Andyp + Storage = ebay :smiley:


You know I should be upset, but I knew you wouldn’t give it to me anyway. :smiley: