Free Gazebo for a good home!

It’s not personal Kaos! It’s just that Andy lives really close to me, which is a better deal!

SERV could always use another gazebo with our mobile fundraising stand if anyone’s got any more :wink:

Ahh bullsht is it not personal Jay, I tried to hold my tongue but it is bullsht and you know it, look at my earlier post, I can walk to your place and pick it…how close do I need to be, do I need to move into your back room.

If you only wanted to give it to your friends why didn’t you just post it up on Facebook instead of posting it up here for “anyone” and then turning around and only giving it to the people you bloody like.

I don’t give a toss about the gazebo, but the two faced attitude of putting up here like you are a good guy when in reality you just going to give it to the people you like is just bollox and you need to be pulled up on it.

You offered a gazebo, I posted saying I would like it, and for some bullsh*t reason you decide to give it to AndyP.

If you not prepared to give the crap you post up here to any member of LB then you shouldn’t post up here offering it.

There you go, I feel better for saying that.


Yea, give it to Kaos you tease.:angry:

+1 :angry:

Kaos, despite what you may think, I don’t have any opinion, one way or the other of you. I don’t know you particularly well, so when I say it’s not personal, I mean it. I think you’ve mis-construed things a little here.

It was offered to anyone, but when Andy contacted and offered to store it, I decided to do that as it’s a better deal for us. This isn’t me giving it to him as he’s a friend over someone else.

How about this. You’re more than welcome (as is anyone), to borrow it for an event if you need it, as long as it’s returned in the condition it’s leant out in. I think that works for everyone.

I think that was somewhat of my point Jay.

You don’t know me, so you ended up giving the gazebo to someone you do know. Which begs the question, why offer it on here to the “community” if you had no intention of giving to anyone in the community that you did not know?

And yeah I do get the feeling that had someone else posted first, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, it is why you asked me whether I really wanted it, even though I had made it clear that I did, and then ignored my PM asking when I could come and pick it up, I live just as close to you as Andy does, I have my own transport to pick up and even drop off when you needed it. I was only going to put it in my garage and use it occasionally to work on a bike outside rather than working in cramped garage space.

At the end of the day, if I see someone asking for legal advice, I look in the thread and give whatever advice I can give, I don’t look to see who the poster is, how well I know them, or in my case, whether I have had arguments with them in the past, because I consider being a part of a community to mean helping each other out, despite not knowing each other well, or even disliking each other on a certain level (not saying you do or do not dislike me just saying).

If it was just about helping out your friends and screwing everyone else over then it isn’t really a community at all is it?

Leave it alone Kaos, there’s really nothing in it. I didn’t respond to you as on the day I was busy and couldn’t respond in time. Andy contacted me at just the right time when I had some free time before leaving the city.

oh the drama, i see Kaos’es point though

Only Agony Aunt can solve the crisis that is “Gazebogate”

That’s the second time you’ve mentioned Agony Aunt today - but where is she now? Are you trying to hint that you have kidnapped her and held her captive?:w00t:

Nope. I haven’t pinched her. Just feel that LB is in need of her wise words. Don’t you think so mr Stream?

I dont.

Someone offers something for free because he cannot store it - to charity if you like. He gets an offer to store it for him so he doesnt have to give it away, accepts. The offerees choice. He even offers to lend it to the person who applied to keep it , FOC. Jeez. Nothing wrong with that.


I don’t really give a toss about the gazebo, you don’t miss what you never had.

Just I don’t believe that if someone within the clique that surrounds Jay had posted asking for it he would have removed the offer and given it to Andy for storage.

Community my arse.

Oh and for the record, I don’t even really care about that either, treat people differently depending on whether they are part of your clique, I really don’t give a toss, but then don’t pretend it is a community where we all help each other out regardless.


Kaos do you know what the P stands for in AndyP. :slight_smile:

Kaos, you’ve got some issues fella. I have no idea where all this has come from. There is no clique, there’s just my slightly disorganised approach to life and random chance.

Oddly trackday I was going to use you as a positive example lol from the time you told me my rear tyre was fugged despite being rather unhappy with me at the time, from the Huntstanton run last year in the pouring rain. You didn’t have to tell me anything, but you did anyway, and I appreciated that.

Ok Jay, I have to accept that, but I do wonder why there was never any offer from you to come pick it up, nor was there any reply to my PM to you asking when to pick it up.

If either existed I would have more easily accepted that this is just simply about disorganisation, rather than you simply wanting to give it to a friend rather than me.