Free Donington World Superbikes tickets from LB & AXO

Come on people!

Get your competitions entries in, the closing date is []tonight[/color] !

The questions are very easy and the winners will be chosen at random after midnight tonight - there isn’t much time.

Thank you and good luck to all those who have already entered.

The competition is open to all and if you don’t enter, you can’t win! :wink:

Check out the comp here - Donington WSB comp

One and a half hours 'til competition closes! :w00t:

oh poo, too late :frowning:

Don’t worry, I haven’t collated the entries yet, so get them in quick :wink:

Can I enter now???

Surely rules are rules! It took me hours to find the answers last night! :stuck_out_tongue:

well has the winner been announced??

Sorry, I should have asked for this thread to be closed as the competition is now over :frowning:

I have been busy today, but have just sent out ‘Congratulations!’ emails so the winners should know who they are. I won’t keep the unsuccessful entrants in the dark though.

Thanks to ALL those who entered, sorry we couldn’t give everyone more notice.

We hope to be running more competitions in the future, so if you didn’t get anything this time, please keep 'em peeled for the next one and try again :wink:

The correct []answers[/color] were -
Q1. When was AXO established? - [] 1978 [/color]

Q2. Who is the AXO sponsored rider in SBK? - [] Michel Fabrizio [/color]

Q3. Name the two tracks on the 2009 SBK calendar from the same country as the Jersey & Trouser Kit Combo by AXO - [] Monza & Imola [/color] (both in Italy)


Thanx for your email Garret :wink:

Woohooooo I won I won

Can I just confirm, is this a ticket into through the actual gate or just a ticket for the Paddock/Pit walk?

Ooh I won too - how exciting :smiley:

And me! :smiley: Just gotta try and sort out a way to get there now seeing as I dont have a bike :stuck_out_tongue:

If you read your ticket properly…says park in bike park and come in through gate ‘D’…so your f&cked…looks like Mr-C and I will be having coffee’s with the brolly dolly’s :smiley:

Congrats people!

You lucky bugger :stuck_out_tongue:

I know!

Have only ever watched racing for the crashes before now … Suppose I’ve got a few days to become interested though eh :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Woo hoo, I won too :w00t: Thanks :slight_smile: Just gotta break the news to Curtis now that I am going to WSBK without him lol unless he won too! :smiley:

Anyone know if these get us through the gate or not?

whooo hoooo, I won I won! :smiley:

happy days! If anyone is coming up from north london and fancies going up together, let me know!

What does the paddock pass / pit walk entail?

I am not sure if we need to purchase general admission tickets to go with the Paddock Pass and Pit Walk we have won! I have tried to call to get some more infor but no luck so I have just emailed, will let you all know if I get a reply soon :slight_smile: