Forum leader board this month far

And as we all thought he really does talk alot of crap :slight_smile:

Post whoring at its finest :smiley:

“maybe less time should be spent sharing opinions and more time should be spent ON the bikes we allegedly love so much”, said a grubby pot, to a less than shiny kettle

Nah may the post whoring continue it’s been a right laugh on here away from the daily mail threads

+1. It’s a laugh, the banter is one of the reasons I come here. Long may it continue! :smiley:

flipin heck, ive posted almost as much crap this month :w00t:

Yeah, at least there are two of us - what’s your excuse??:smiley:

Hate it or love it the underdog’s on top
And I’m gonna shine homie until my heart stop
Go head’ envy me
And I ain’t goin nowhere so you can get to know me :cool:

Banter goes down a lot better on here. Other forums eveyone wants to fight you.Its mental go on the Millwall forum the banter on there is madness.Everyone wants to fight you whatever you call em lol :hehe:

I said to one bloke “ok mate”. He said “I ain’t your mate don’t get lemon i’ll open you up u mug” lol its brutal on there…Nutters :w00t::w00t::slight_smile:

no one else to talk to :smiley:

Yeah I guess its better than talking to yourself as usual ha?

Lol, remember coming back from Millwall Scunthorpe playoff final couple of years ago, millwall were fighting eachother on the train. They’re just the little kids tho usually trying to prove something.

actually no, i get a far more interesting and civil conversation with myself than peeps on here :smiley:

Yeah I was at that game. HOT man on the train lot of Millwall fans not letting the Scunthorpe fans get on the train after we had lost to them. Which I didn’t agree with sometimes we can be right conts

Yeah was proper hot that day, we got the tube up there (right laugh - mmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL at every station hahaha) but got the overland train back to Marylebone from Wembley (much quicker and practically empty), it was actually fine till we got all the back to Grove Park - that’s when it kicked off.

Millwall who?:w00t::cool::hehe:

Millwall Vs West Ham next season should be a good game at the den :slight_smile:

That’s the must see of the season safe at the pub

It won’t be safe anywhere mate, trust me i have been to a few of these in my time and they are not pretty. All the things you have seen in movies about Football hooligans is tame in comparison trust me. There will be some old school firm members coming out the woodwork for next season, and that goes for Leeds and Birmingham also.

lol, yeah those fixtures will be ‘pwopah nawty’ ! :smiley:

wots this millwall.? Is it a supermarket chain from up north? In leeds?