foreign workers in the uk.

Did anyone watch the documentary on BBC1?? I was very interesting and raised some interesting questions.

Personally i find most english people lazy and quick to winge about not being able to find work but not so quick at getting out there. Personally i think if you want work you can get work and this will always be the way.

Sometimes we have to start back at the bottom in order to get back to the top.

And remeber i’m a proud englishmen but im a total grafter, alot of my mates i went to school with are out of work and live in the area the documentary was filmed, but to be honest they are just lazy gits!!

I wish anyone who want to come here, work and pay taxes the best of luck!!:smiley:

Some say we (foreigners) put locals out of jobs.

They have no idea we have to double the effort in order to get a job Englisman would get easily…

It came on after Masterchef and I didn’t change the channel so it was on in the background … wasn’t giving it 100% attention but what I did listen to seemed interesting The gall of the two in the potato factory was irritating at times …

You’ll be working with Miguel today
Oh we’ve got a problem now don’t we … I’ll just call him Bill
Well I think you should call him Miguel since that is his name


this was true 3/4 years ago but now people hire you guys over the english if they dont seem that motivated, trust me i have 200 casual staff!!!

I look for hard working motivated people, these normally come in the form of students ands travellers, i think around 10% of my staff are english the rest are made up of europeans, ozzys, kiwis, and saffas.

I would hire you guys over some lazy engish idiot anyday!

Somehow I have just managed to delete what I have just written…

Thank you anyway…


I found it interesting and big up to the “foreigners” they are good hardworking people :slight_smile:
As for the potato lad’s they were bone idle i worked in a potato factory straight from school doing evening shifts whilst working in the racing stables on a morning and found it an easy job and the money ok…guess most people nowadays don’t realise how easy they have it and some of the british kids are what make this country the embaressment that it is…

I work as a manager in a supermarket and most of my staff are foreign and they all work so hard,my English staff spend more time off sick and when they are at work I spend all my time dealing with their performance issues.I am English but grew up in South Africa so I know about hard graft is it is installed from a young age.

+1 i do hire them over the english aswell

i got 5 foreigners working at my place

had 2/3 english and sent them down the road lazy f…ks

rixxy (24/02/2010)

Did anyone watch the documentary on BBC1?? I was very interesting and raised some interesting questions.

Personally i find most english people lazy and quick to winge about not being able to find work but not so quick at getting out there. Personally i think if you want work you can get work and this will always be the way.

Pardon ???

You wanna live round here mate, the whole car industry gone, with subsidery companies, woolworths depot closed, argos depot laying of, threshers depot closed, culina laying off, I m a HGV 1 driver 30+ years, I get on my bike and travel out as far as northampton looking for work, would even take warehouse work but there is nowt about at moment, Im signed on will half a dozen agencies to try n put grub on the table, I cant even become one of the great unwashed as I mught get the odd day here n there which earns to much for me to be able to claim, even thought Ive paid into the system all my life…so dont you dare class me as lazy or whinging, you walk down dunstable high street n count how many shops are closed as well its a ghost town !!
perhaps your lucky and your industry is ok…but my industry went down the pan when the wall came down and cheap labour flooded in, count the amount of foreign trucks on our roads the count how many involved in accidents, how many get pulled by VOSA, they aint paying our taxes, or getting fuel here, end of moan :slight_smile:

steveCBR11XX (25/02/2010)

Sir, if everybody who is unemployed in countries with much higher percentage of unemployment than UK, could afford a nice expensive bike you have, nobody would have to go abroad to look for work.

steveCBR11XX (25/02/2010)

i feel for ya steve, as well as agree with ya, there are bad apples in every basket so dont class all of us english as lazy blah blah blah, up until xmas i worked 2 jobs doing over 70 hours some weeks, even ended up ill through exhaustion, for near on 5 years, why, because i was saving, still am saving so dont dare call me an lazy english whatever come work with me for a day then we can see who’s lazy…rant over :slight_smile:

Yolaah (25/02/2010)

Mine is a 1997 bike so its not a nice exspensive bike, I bought it on finance when I had plenty of work, which as its now dried up Im struggling to pay for but as its my means of transport to find work I gotta keep it.

Also as an old school continental driver I remember when you wern’t allowed to do jobs in others countries, you delivered, collected then left, but when we went over there we had to pay there road taxes on top of UK ones, we were only allowed 200 litres of fuel or big fine, and ya big companies abroad are subsidised by there governments, here endeth the lesson in transport…next :D:D

And now we are paying for your benefits :slight_smile:

All the best, and good luck,


I really think YOU should read my first post properly…Im NOT on BENEFITS, cheeky sod

Curtis (25/02/2010)

Unfortunaltey you guys are the victims of the majority. Like i said in the post i come from norfolk which is very farming and transport based but unfortunatley most of the english dont pull there weight (80% of people under 30) these days and as the “foreigners” are reliable and hard working again 80% of them anyway which do you end up picking? I have some great english wokrers on my team, i’m english and have 2 buinsess to my name at 27 and im from a council house in norfolk, no mummy and daddy money here, but lads we all know people, have mates, who we know are just excuses, they have more excuses for crap work, being late, not being able to do it than we can ever realise.

Im such a proud englishmen and like you guys there are things which **** me off about immigration and i do think its hard on people like you steve who have seen the major industries in the area go bust becuase of the bankers in the city, but unfortunately in most cases esp around the factory/field work the europeans just get stuck in and get on with it.

I actually have a large number of students and antipadeans on my books and not so many europeans as you need really clear english for the work. But i do find that when i bring in english (most of them are 20 - 35 years old) the chances of them letting me down, or messing me around, or not pulling there weight or cutting corners is much much higher, i hate saying it but its just true and its made me totally not feel sorry for lazy gits. But you guys are on the other side of it. Its gutting.

My dad woks in boston in lincs, it has one of the biggest populations of europeans, he has got up at 5am every day that i can remeber and got home a 7pm, my mum cannot work as she got ill when we where teenagers, he works in the building trade and its been hit so hard, he is terrified he will lose his job, even though he is in charge of one of the only profitable areas in the country as his management is very good, if he does he will struggle to find work because of the issues stated above. It would mean him having to try move someone else to find work most likely.

But thats not the europenas fault, not my dads fault, its the easy going govemement who pay people to be on the dole for years at a time and have made esp the younger people, lazy gits, this has left the opportunity for the europeans to come in and take the work. If that opportunity was not there then there would be no work for them.

I would add something to this having grown up in Germany with all sorts of nationalities and seen their work ethic, but I have to be honest, the English bashing is as racist as the perceived Foreigner bashing in my view… so I think its best to say nothing apart from “There are lazy scroungers in every nation on earth. We see the UK’s lazy scroungers cos this is where we are.”

the reason most come over here is that things are worse where they come from!

for example there are many greeks that stayed here after uni (like me) to work and have a career. but the same thing that is happening here is happening in Greece. there are loads of russians,bulgarians, albanians etc that have immigrated to Greece for the same reason we are here!

I do feel for guys like Steve & Curtis whose industry is not fairing well, i hope things pick up…

otherwise immigrate to Albania :smiley:

Ok, I’m moving this to the Current Affairs section.

oooh oh omni-present one speaks :D:D:D

steveCBR11XX (25/02/2010)

I feel for you fella. Its tough as Europe has changed everything. If we havent got qualifications that are in demand then the immigrants will do it cheaper. And for many of us its too late to go back to school. Impossible. No wonder some of us English moan - nothing wrong with that, its difficult for some of us to figure out what to do for the best. Good luck to you.