foreign workers in the uk.

It is proper hard for some, but thats where i think things are wrong, your benefit should reflect how long you have been in work and how much tax you have paid in.

Im all for hard workers here or away as ive worked since i was 14 and had a house to run at 16 never been out of work longer than afew weeks but find it hard as i dont have those bits of paper yet i have alot of skills.

If your lazy and sign on longer than 6 months i say make them work doing anything or take them off instead of sponging off us

Dole money is mainly paid out as it reduces crime.

What would you rather have?? A stolen bike or increased taxes?

says it all then i know when i want money i work not go robbing people. make more prisons instead of being let out on tag

Out of 68 staff, the Boss and I are the only white people and I’ve not been in the job long but have been called a racist twice…

Which makes me laugh because I’m a white skinhead and the rest of the empolyees are either Bangladeshi/Pakistani muslims.

But a 3rd of my family are muslim so like to see him pull that off:D

I will employ anyone as long as they are honest and hard working…if not…Bye!

How can people claim benefits for a long period of time? When I was unemployed after university I was told I would only get benefits for 6 months as I haven’t contributed enough from my working life.

It has always been the case that once the time limited benefit payments, which are based on your national insurance record run out, there are other benefits based on low income that have no time limit as long as you comply with all the requirements.

The right to carry gun… Because unlike most. I can use one pretty good :cool:

normally steer clear of this section of LB but well…here goes…

SA thats the funniest thing i have ever heard! theres an awful lot of people that sign on that commit crime, most are crack or smack addicts, some arent they just wont do an honest days work.

with regards to foreign workers…

theres are many that are legit hard working people, but there are also many that arent, and that are playing the system here, and its bad enough with english born peopel playing the system!

in certsain industrys foreign workers really have made an impact, in a bad way, i have quite a few mates that are skilled workers… carpenters, painters etc

foreign workers will work for a lot less than what a skilled worker will, and as i know from mates they under cut them with the wage and also there work is pretty shoddy.

this doesnt happen with all foreign workers, but it seems to be a real problem with the construction trade.

and dont forget, there IS a recession on people are being layed off and made redundant in alot of industries, often from jobs they have held for years…alot of them cannot find work after, i KNOW cos i was one of them, it stands to reason that with numbers swellign with people from EU countries, jobs are gonna be harder to come by.

to my mind frenchies past thoughts are right, you shouldnt be able to sign on unless you HAVE worked and payed taxes…simple.

so to say theres no problem is ridiculous, not every english man is lazy…alot of em are as the ENGLISH say GRAFTERS!!:wink:

are you taking the ****?

i think you will find steve has paid his taxes over the years, why shouldnt he be able to sign on while lookign for work?

These immigrants come to me for accommodation which generates a comfortable passive income so…keep em coming :wink: The vast majority of them are actually nice, gentle people to boot, shock horror :w00t:

If you can’t make money right now, then well maybe you just gotta diversify!

+1 on that freddie :D:D

can still cut the mustard with any type of firearm myself :slight_smile:

cheers Ratty…being an old goat Ive paid a fair whack into the system just cant get nowt outta it, I know you were struggling a while back out of work, just glad you sorted now mate :slight_smile:

There are many things that need to be considered in response to this show.

I will put my hands up and say I am not caught up in this too much, my parents work in government/council/ state what ever you want to call them jobs so are pretty secure and I’m a student with a retail job.

But this is not an issue of migrants into the country causing unemployment so much as over population causing unemployment, but it is not overpopulation of the UK, it is overpopulation of the planet for the type of economy that dominates.

There are too many people to provide jobs for in a world obsessed with profits and economic growth as that leads to mechanisation and for every robot many jobs are lost. The ludites caught on to this years ago.

Yes we could get all procectionist and demand rights for UK nationals over immigrants but please dont forget that the UK is an island, there are no natives, we are a product of hundreds ad thousands of years of imigration and invasion.
Me, im Welsh with english parents and Scottish grandparents, so there fore am presumably 100% british but my familly tree has been traced back to the himalayas. So am i really Brittish? This applies to all of us, we all have a bit of viking or dane or french or roman in us i reckon so who is britsh. are 2nd generation migrants british- and if not why not, we are all a little bit 'n’th generation migrant.

We could all have a job in a car factory if we lost the robots but the cars would be expensive, less well made and take much longer to make. And due to this few of us could afford one meaning there is no pooint making the cars. Capitalism isnt too great at giving every one a job… Subsistance economies give/force everyone to have a job but living standards are lower. Swings and roundabouts as far as I can see…

[any misunderstanding/offense caused/errors in logic or fact were unintentional, im just a geography student not wanting to write his essay]

Yolaah (24/02/2010)

no comment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

johnH (25/02/2010)

Out of interest, what is it you do yourself?

If anybody wants to watch this program - it’s on iPlayer until 3 March :

Kyle Forrester (25/02/2010)

He rides around in his leather vest…sorry waistcoat.

Raquib (26/02/2010)

Whistling Y-M-C-A…

Don’t think he’ll have to worry about someone trying to steal that job :wink:

Having lived in both countries I have to say the work ethic comparing Germany to the UK is miles apart. It starts with the whole philosophy. Nothing has made it more apparent than working for my current boss.

Germany is all about planning properly before making the first move… before you lift a finger or tool, everything is planned to 100%, documented, and then you well be turning up at 7am and working both hard and in an exact and precise manner until the deed is done. There’ll be no slacking, turning up late, or surfing Facebook at work. (And by the way, 3 past 7 is considered “turning up late”. That’s why our trains run on time.)

Britain by comparison is much more laid back and much more chaotic. Turn up late, blame it on the trains, get away with it, and the whole philosophy is different, too. It’s more like “lets muck around with no plan until we get to 80% then figure how we’ll take it to 100%”. If it doesn’t work out at once, put it lots of extra hours, and stay till 9pm. Most Germans will have clocked off at 16:30 and they’ll already be down at the beer garden.
It’s the classic order vs. chaos thing :wink:

However, in the comparison to the UK, what’s surely lacking here is a sense of humor. Having lived for many years in the UK and the US I know how important it is to see the funny side sometimes, or to be able to have a laugh with your work mates. None of that will fly here. Try to be funny and it usually results in a “Yu think zis is funny? Zis is serious work!” from your boss. Which, in turn, can ruin your whole work day – humor is a great way to defuse stress.

In the long run, I think I’ll soak up some of the work ethic here, and eventually return to Britain, at least for a while. I miss the easy going atmosphere, and the fact you can talk to a random stranger at the bus stop about the weather, why the country is going down the tubes, or why the bus is late again. German people would just look at you funny if you tried to talk to them for no apparent reason.

The U.S. in my opinion is a hybrid of the two, people like to work extremely hard, and pride themselves on their achievements and give praise where praise is due (whereas in Germany it’s more like “Not complaining about how your work sucks is praise enough”). However they also manage to have a laugh to an even greater extend than the English do. It’s not a bad way to do things, it’s one of the reasons they are such a powerful nation I suppose.

Also the U.S. has none of these discussions about “foreigners”. As long as you speak English, and you work hard for a living, you will be accepted instantly, no questions asked (at least as long as you are white, but that’s a different matter entirely). You Brits tend to be quite open as well but Germany is terrible. You can speak German, work hard, pay taxes, respect the law, but as far as the Germans are concerned you’ll always been an Auslander. It’s a bit like the Japanese and their concept of “Gaijin”.

All countries have drawbacks and advantages. What’s the wackiest place you’ve ever lived?