Football !

Are you ready ?Tried to embed it but I’m thick and couldn’t !!


Good luck today - we’ll need someone to get behind next year in Austria & Switzerland ! :wink:

I dont usually say this butCOME ON THE JOCKS`.:smiley:

bugger !


Ah sorry Mate England will soon be joining Scotland :wink:

So close !

As for the England team … well if the Israel / Russia score stays the same then I reckon you guys will pull of the draw against the Croat’s. C’mon Isreal.

forza Italia



Injury time goal, now that`s gonna hurt, sorry mate.

Well, if you struggled to get a win against us mate then I think you may have a wasted trip next summer !

It did, will hurt even more if there is no one from the UK over there next summer !

we struggle because Scot was/is a very good team, we will do good when important matches arrive.


Any Finns here?

where are you from?


Poland, wish them best with Portugal on Wednesday!

You don’t need luck mate, you beat Belgium 2-0 tonight, so you’ve qualified - well done ! :slight_smile:

Hard luck on the jocks, from what I heard on the radio you had the bad rub on some decisions, but without trying to sound patronising, it was an amazing acheivement to come from where Scottish footie was a couple of years ago to push the world cup winners & runners up to the last minute ! Should mean you get a bit of a better draw on Wednesday when they pick the qualifying groups for the world cup in 2010.

Crazy results in England’s group ! :crazy:

Yeahh, we’ll probably take a telly to work on Wednesday!

Not at all mate, know exactly what you mean.
After all, in March 2005 we were ranked 88th in the world and our national football seemed to be in a forever downward spiral … it has slowly improved and then taken a major leap in the last year with us now being ranked 13th in the Fifa World Rankings.
The guys are starting to ‘play’ football and are showing a passion that I don’t think I can remember since the days of the Home Internationals (of which there is talk of them coming back - would be great).

So yes, we are not going to Euro 2008 but we’ve had a great journey trying to get there and expect better ahead of us.

As for England’s group, well thankfully it’s back in their hands now. A result next week will see them flying out next summer which will be good.

tough luck Scotland.