Flourescent jacket

My gf wants me to wear a flourescent jacket when riding into London in the winter and I really don’t want to.

What’s everyone’s opinion?

I use one when the visibility is not the best.
I do not mind wearing one


Why not?

It’s safer for you, and you’re gf will be worrying less and happier for you to ride.

just remember loud pipes save lives! time for a little upgrade?? as for the jacket you won’t notice it once it’s on so why not:cool:

Oh dear.

So far the weight of opinion is with my GF then?

Every little helps when it comes to being seen and heard on your commute to work so why not :slight_smile:

why not get a white reflective H belt instead??

still hi viz and not in yellow :wink:

I’m in a very similar position…

I will be investing in a high vish jacket that goes over my leathers, seen them on flea bay for £10 and they are water proof…

my bike is black, my leathers are black, my lid is black… im the milk tray man on a bike - so I’m happy to make myself a bit more visible! :slight_smile:

No way!! dont do it!!!:hehe:

If I was commuting on the bike I would definately wear hi-viz, as a car driver you can spot a hi-viz miles away, a black rider blends into the background too easily.

It’s especially difficult in the dark with the bike behind you, the headlight doesn’t stand out against the sea of car headlights (motorway/dual etc), so when a bike pulls out to overtake you it’s almost impossible to see them until they are pretty close.

I wear mine sometimes on the basis that it is waterproof so my leathers do not get soack on the 35 miles ride home and that fog through Windsor great park can be so thick that I can see 50 metres ahead of me with the brightess HID low & high beam know to man…

Still nicer to wear than tarmac…

Obviously - she is a girl, so she must be right:)

why not???


My opinion is probably a little biased:

The only reaon I am not wearing hi-viz at the moment is that my bike is bright enough to be seen from Mars. Once I start riding in the dark the hi-viz wil come out for the winter. Inm y experieicne of London commuting it make a huge difference to how quickly people see you. As suggested, a white h belt is not a bad idea.

Yey, Dayglo Derek :smiley:

and I’m going to be in one of these from the weekend.



get one of these

Im not a fan of the yellow ravers top either!, but just for the peace of mind it would give your girlfriend id say wear one… plus it does actually have the benefit of drivers seeing you abit more :hehe:

Kev you keep the national high vis industry in business don’t you? I heard you’ve got 20 different high vis jackets! :smiley: