First big bike

I passed my DAS last week and now get to choose which nice shiny bike to buy. After reading dozens of threads the general view was sothing around 600cc. Favourites were the Hornet, Bandit, SV650, ER-6 etc.

I like the look of the Hornet, and my current bike’s a Honda Varadero 125 so that was the clear favourite. However, the Bandit seemed a lot roomier much like my Varadero. I felt a little cramped on the Hornet.

However, I had a little spin around a yard on a friend’s GSR600 and it was amazing. Very comfortable, good looking and far smoother than the GS500 DAS bikes. I was smitten.

I’ve found a good deal on a GSR. Is there any reason I shouldn’t buy it? I can’t find much information online about the bike at all.

Any information on the GSR or recommendations for other bikes would be greatfully received.

One other question. Where’s the best place to sell my Varadero? MCN, eBay, Auto/biketrader?

before you buy a GSR try an SV…the varadero is a v-twin, so is the SV you may like thisover and IL4 engine.

My advice would be to try all the bikes you like to look of and go from there, everyone on here will have a completly different view on what bike you should get, at the end of the day it all boils down to what you like and are most comfortable on :slight_smile:

p.s. Don’t listen to Ratty, he’s V-Twin biased lol :stuck_out_tongue: He hate IL4’s :wink:

I’ve given the SV a lot of thought and sat on one at the weekend. However, I have long legs and did feel a little cramped. I’m not sure if I’ll get more flexible over time but at the moment my knees say no.

Hi there mate, looks like you have done your research well so probably the GSR is a good buy, there was someone on here a while back who asked if anyone owned else owned one, and they did not get much replies, but might be worth getting in contact with them (do a search for GSR in the subject title)

also there should be a GSR owners site around, there seems to be for a lot of other bikes?

gs500 is a ok bike road one off these when i was 15. but as said try them all see wot one you like the best v2 and il4 and il2 big diffrences…:smiley: how about a il3 2t wooop that do me;)

my experience,for what it’s worth, is you may tire very soon of your first big bike and want to trade up pretty soon after feeling comfortable on the road. in that case i’d bear in mind how much you’d get for your bike against a new one.

Dare I say it , I own a GSR !!

Let me know what questions you have mate , Im tall , 6ft 3 and * cough * currently way just under 17stone so Im not a delicate little flower.

Have done some 200 mile days and the old knees do get a bit sore , but i think i would get that on most bikes.

There is a dedicated GSR forum here in the UK , Mods please delete this if you are unhappy for me to post it :

Like all bikes there are lots of mods available for it !

This is mine in case you ever see me and need to ask anything :

Bandits are a great bike, comfortable, easy to ride and work on, cheap to insure and run :wink:

I had a GSR. The fueling was very snatchy. I think that has been sorted now on the more recent model, a Power Commander would help I am told.

kawasaki zx10r

a black one

Absolutely , unless you are confident enough to change the TPS set up.

Although the sv is classed as a sports bike in insurance so will be more money there.

all the bikes you mention are good choices, use your head this, you can go mad l8r.

As a biker of not a lot of experience, I suggest you get something that’s, how shall I put this?, not at the very top end of the price spectrum, so that if you happen to let it fall over (forget to put your side stand down, that kind of stupid thing rather than have a crash, not that I know anyone who’s ever forgotten to put their sidestand down :blush: ) you won’t feel too absolutely devastated at scratching it.

The downside of that approach is that you might need to do mechanical things to it, but that might actually be an upside if you like tinkering.

Personally as a first big bike I would not spend too much money (you’ll need it for the insurance) and recommend a Mk.1 Yamaha FZS600 Fazer, pick one up for 1200-1800 depending on condition and miles done, stick some engine protection bars on it as you might drop your first bike and away you go.Very cheap to insure, comfy position, nice half fairing, good in traffic and if you wind it goes like the clappers, handles too, has R1 brakes as standard, in the right hands it used to make many sports bike riders very insecure and it’s a Yamaha so reliability wise is only second to Honda.

Forum ate my post - rewriting…

I’m unlikely to get a GSR now. All the pre-reg deals that were available at the start of the week have dried ap and the £1400 increase is hard to take.

I have my Varadero on MCN at the moment and am happy to add a grand or so on top. My budget would be about £4k. I could probably get lucky and get a Bandit for that price.

It all depends on how much I get for the Honda.

It’s a pity, I do like the Jizzer :slight_smile:

If you really want one mate there are loads for sale !

you would be able to get one well under your budget

The only pre-reg GSR on Autotrader at £4k is at Daytona and it’s gone.

If you can point me at one elsewhere I’d be all over it.

SV’s are group insurance 10…pretty low…

What about the new Suzuki Gladius - GSR looks ( but better ) and a bit of V-Twin charachter for the heart - probably not in your budget but hey , it’s only money :cool: