fireblade release? honda chiswick

whos going tonight?

Me and the otherhalf :smiley: and meeting another forum member down there

Humm might be up for that, its just down the road from me, although the rain is gonna make things even more slippy!

what rain? i will be ther look out for me lol mixed race guy on ninja gna be wid a blade too

Just a spattering at Oxford Street…enough to make the roads even slippier…will do mate!

Getting down there for 7 so i can be there to hear my name called out at 7.30 when i win the CBF600 :smiley:

saw it at Boxhill on the weekend. It looks like a munter.

Why are they making suck a fuss about such ugly bikes these days?

The gorgeous ones just sneak in and speak for themselves;):smiley:

nice to meet you elad, first LB member i have met other than nitro jonny. good luck on the test ride, myt be worth testing the ninja too

Hey DJ, must have missed you …

Psssssst Ian, going back tomorrow, they are gonna lower a 500 for me to sit on :w00t:

didn’t win the bike then? lol

well i think i saw u, did u sit on the versys? think u may have come into infinity when i worked their once or twice

Dont think that was me then, i sat ( well tried to) on the CBF600 and then the CBF500, however if i am spending money its usually at Infinity Hanger Lane

I was there, didn’t win the new blade either :doze: maybe you saw my white R1 there??

I went to the launch at Johns of Romford,did’nt see any of you there;)

Did anyone see the fat, middle-aged git getting the keys to his new bike, whilst posing for a photo with the Honda Manager? Their first sale of the new Blade… photo for tedious magazine I suppose… tsk. What a talentless plonker.

Sorry, that was me. :blush:

I didn’t realise there were so many LB-ers there. No one said hello!

Feel like riding it all night, but just did 50 miles to scrub the tyres in. It’s a dream. It’s so light and easy to ride. It feels like a 600. Someone stop me, otherwise I’m going to write about it all night!! :slight_smile:

The black and white one on the 57 plate, was that you then … :smiley:

Nice one :wink:

We left our credit cards at home … thankfully but i am going back tomorrow :wink:

Yeah. And I wondered about waiting for the new 08 plate, but… life’s too short!

And what else would I want to be doing this weekend. See you down the Ace for breakfast on Saturday morning and we’re going to put some miles on it! :cool:

Well she certainly sounded sweet enough :wink:

Good to meet you too, nice ninja, just hope the rain stays away on sunday!

And martinn, yeah saw you picking up the new blade and getting yer photograph taken, we were wondering if you won it or were buying it!! Did you ride it home - that would have been a nervy one!! Would have come up and said hi, but didnt know who you were…sorry mate…but now I do know, so will say hi if I see you again…oh yeah and you did get the best colour, and sorry cos I sat on your bike… :)Hope it suits T, did seem a better shape than the 600 for you, be careful with that credit card!!!