feck me have you seen the wind today


one gust just wiped all my lovely strawberry plants right of my garden table!

Im thinking i might have to tie down the bike!

actually i would like to correct my post before some smart alec (or alex) corrects me :w00t: .as you cannot actually see the wind,


Sure you havent been talking to them in an attempt to make them grow faster… and they saw you coming and tried to make a run for it?

i do talk to them, but its as much therapy for myself as it is for them :smiley:

Or are you sure they are infact strawberry plants and you just can’t admit you hang around a bunch of panzies?

whatever they are, theyre tasty :smiley:

You should try it up here in Scotland, apparently we had gusts up to 60 mph this morning and this afternoon evening it’s going to rise to 70-80 mph.

The ride home is going to be a right laugh along the exposed bits of the A71


Do you all know this site? http://xcweather.co.uk/ Does scarily accurate forecasts, and includes wind / gust speed. Meant for paragliders, but quite useful regardless.

dammit! :smiley:


You are right its proper windy out there man. I got some well bang tidy bird just moved in next door to me.

Was out the garden when her bra flew off the washing line and hit me in the face…Ca-Ching…34 Double D’s

Theres thongs,knickers all over my lawn…I ain’t happy about this I tell ya.

it could have killed ya!:w00t:

Yeah your right mate. If it was the other birds bra that used to live there then it would of taken my head clean off. She was like Double H’s or somthing mental like that…

you could have made a nice tent from it :w00t:

only plums are the ones attached to me :smiley:

My mate lives down at herne bay…He said the wind/rain down there is really bad…lol…Fooker just text me this picture. Said his neighbour was out walking his labradoodle when he stuck his brolly up he got blown away…lol

I haven’t been near you! :stuck_out_tongue:

who mentioned you :smiley:

It’s great I saw 4 milfs get their skirts blown right up thanks to a side road they crossed at 3 or erm were wearing normal granny pants while the other had the smallest thong on :slight_smile: it made my day