feck me have you seen the wind today

some are easily pleased :stuck_out_tongue:

One for the wank bank ey;)

Oh yes!

Thereā€™s not much that happens in battersea so it sure did help

I was out earlierā€¦Saw same thing mateā€¦Tasty bit of narniā€¦

Gust of wind comes along her skirt goes up over her head :smiley:

Got an undisputed view of her Garyā€¦

Shaven Haven aswellā€¦

Man I love this wind

Easily Pleasedā€¦ There you goā€¦



She looks like itā€™s not even hitting the sides

Iā€™m sure she wasā€¦ Iā€™ll ask when she gets inā€¦

Lets out a Sigh.:wink:

I have seen girls do this many a time. Bigger things than that though. Iā€™m talking,Optic Sized Baileys Bottles,Cricket Bats,Table legsā€¦

Even rugby balls

Last girl I went out with went up it with a Lucozade bottleā€¦Ended up needing surgery to have it removedā€¦

quit high jacking my post with your filth :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG!!! Sophie puts her head in her hands lol

That happened to me once, came home with my shopping, several trips getting all the bags from the car to the house in the pissing down rain it was hammering down and as you can imagine by the time all the bags were in the kitchen I was soaked and cold so I stripped off naked and got back to the shopping. Whilst putting the freezer stuff away I came across a mis-packed bottle of tomatoe sauce, I must of put it in there at the checkout by accident anyway I left it on the floor and shut the freezer. I started on the next bag (still naked) and climbing on the washing machine for extra purchase trying to put my hobnobs on the shelf next to my biscuit tin I slipped as my feet were still a little wet from the soaking, falling backwards onto the tomato sauce bottle.

I was very unlucky because I didnt manage to hit it with my arse cheek and knock it over it actually slipped into my bum holeā€¦ couldnā€™t beleive itā€¦

had to reduce 4 80 foot conifers today by 25 feet they had suddenly become important and urgent jobs :w00t:

Sounds very rehearsed there Flatā€™sā€¦ :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Having been blown around all along Nine Elms on the way home, we got there to find the garden parasol had been snapped in two!

Was blowy last Wednesday in NW Scotland. I know this because the bastard wind blew my 1150 Adventure forward off the side stand, pinning my leg under it. Oochyafucker! Knew I shouldā€™ve left it in gearā€¦