Failed me test

Nuts i failed my practical car test… did get some proper lessons beforehand but failed because I didnt accelerate quick enough out of a junction!!!

not happy…

awww bummmer mate, at least thats 1 less nutter in a cage :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry to hear that mate

Unlucky there.You booked a retest?

Unlucky mate, get yourself a re-test asap

Cheers guys, could book a retest, but I have a small issue with the court that might get in the way of that, it takes 6 weeks to book a retest…and I am due in court on in 4 weeks…

dont think I can take a test with a disqualified licence can i?:slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that man, that sucks… like Busa says, book your re-test asap and keep the momentum going. Just a silly mistake, best to put it behind you and nail it second time round!

Ah - just read your post, not sure about that… hopefully there are others on here that would know the answer to that?

that sucks mate. how did you accelerate to slow? i bet you normally zoom off on your bike. I hope i don’t have the same fate i’m going to get my car licence next month.

good job there isn’t a test for a bus pass :stuck_out_tongue:

is that enough to actually fail you altogether?!?!

sorry to hear that :ermm: as posted before me, make sure you are on the four wheels as soon as possible and get a retest!

your supposed to turn the circular disc to go round corners, not lean out the window :D:D

better luck next time…

No mate, if your banned it will mean banned from driving altogether.

Anyways, sorry for your loss and fingers crossed for court fella.

Don`t worry about it mate, bikes are more fun than cars.

E, unlucky man,
dont see how you done tha tho, you have no probs accelerating on a bike!! hope court goes k and i hope you pass the next one fella :slight_smile:

m8 sorry to hear u FAILED ur car driving test :frowning:

hopefully you wont fail nxt time round

and also hope every works out ok in court

fingers and toes crossed for ya buddy;):smiley:

Sorry to hear that you had troubles…having said that, though…I’ve gotta say how strangely this reads from an American point of view. I got my drivers license when I was 16…bought my first car when I was 17.

It’s borderline unfathomable to me that an adult wouldn’t have a drivers license and at least a car or two. I’m not knocking you at all…just saying that it’s different over here. shrug

Sorry to hear the bad news.

Thought it would have taken more than that to get a failure,…live and learn :frowning:

Hope you have more luck when your in court :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, gonna see if I can squeeze a test in before the 18th April…What happened was when I pulled out I didnt accelerate fast enough and a car (that came steaming round the corner) had to brake because of me. Instant badpoint…hey ho, I know now what the test is like, doesnt phase me, so second should be easy enough.

The examiner actually said you obviously know the road from riding, but you are driving too much like a learner, need to accelerate more… Was thinking about it today and on the bike I just give it a little squirt and already I am at 30 (officer ;)) a car needs a lot more to get it there…or maybe I should take the test in a ferrari.:w00t:…?

KS - Hehe yeah I’m 33 and dont have a car licence, I had to do a job for an american boss once in miami and he said, ‘OK gets your flights and then I will hire you a car so that you can drive yourself to the worksite’ - his silence on the phone when I said I dont have a licence told me everything!!! - Although a lot of Europeans are shocked at how few Americans have passports…:wink:

Bugger! Sorry to hear about that Ian, shame the examiner didn’t give you an allowance on that, as it sounds like the other guy was speeding a bit.

Good luck with both the court case and the retest.