F*** - It's going Pete Tong

Local plod caught me and a mate “Dune bashing” last night which was ok, until they discovered alcohol in the car…apparently illegal in UAE. I genuinely and no idea, I knew you couldn’t drink in public etc., but in the boot of your car? I understand this a Muslim country, but come on guys :w00t:

So now looks like there’s a strong possibility we’re going to get deported on Monday when we face the local magistrate on charges of…

Driving offroad without a permit (We aren’t resident here)
Possessing alcolhol without a “useage permit” - thing that’s what the guy said - he was a bit vague.
Driving without an international licence (UK licence doesn’t cover you)
Refusing to follow the instructions of an officer in charge

Thing is, all the above should have been explained by the car hire company. Not that that helps either of us.

So the options are

  1. Employ a fancy legal expert at huge expense -no gaurantee they get’s out the shit
  2. Plead guilty and probably get kicked out.
  3. Jump on a plane this weekend and avoid having the deportation stamp in the passport
    (Not sure if they will have our names at the airport though - could get in more trouble)
  4. Do a Lawrence of Arabia and jump on camel and sneak out across the border.
  5. Higher a boat and flee to Iran…

Any ideas greatfully received.

I Would Go For Option 6


is there no public flogging or stoning option? :smiley:

Christ Nick, I forgot you was in Dubai,

Sorry i couldnt chat last night too long on facebook, i needed to get some sleep.

Didnt know you was in this much trouble! Worried mate. Get some legal asap I saw on Sky News this morning about Police crack downs. Hope your ok mate

Worried about ya…

Big thanks mate - not being funny - but when you are in a Dubai cell…only site you can get on your Blackberry is Facebook and the only friend on chat is Lewis - you know you are screwed :w00t:

If you do a runner, you might not be allowed back in. I’m banned for doing the same thing. :slight_smile:

Hey mate my sister lives there and has a big group of friends who are muslim and live there aswell. She might be able to help or they might be able to put you in contact with someone who can.

Drop me a PM.

pm sent :smiley:

Good luck with this BL.

Hope it gets sorted in your favour!

Big thanks mate - not being funny - but when you are in a Dubai cell…only site you can get on your Blackberry is Facebook …

At least they let you keep that. In England it would have been bagged up with your shoe laces.

I think I’d take the “scarper” option if presented. It’s pretty easy to avoid ever returning but check what collateral agreements they have with other states and countries.

Just so all know, it’s also an offence to have previously opened bottles of alcohol in your car, even in the boot, in most of Scandinavia.

They are a bit easier on their equivalent of Dune Bashing (logging roads) though.

Did you secrete your blackberry up your bumhole Nick, I know if I had been nicked in Dubai with alcohol, my nether regions would become v slack indeed.

In all seriousness though, I hope whatever happens you get out of it ok, I can’t really offer anything else but a good luck with it all, and contact the British embassy for some advice maybe

Oh Sh*t :w00t: they get a bit funny in the UAE with expats every now and then.I agree the ‘runner option’ would be my choice; see if you can leave via Oman, as that way you leave by car and the road border crossing is more relaxed.

You could probably find an expat there who is doing a ‘border run’ to renew their visitor’s visa and could drop you off :wink:



Nick you truly are a [email protected]. Hope they keep you there. :stuck_out_tongue:

wait till april 2nd, when all the fools have disapeared, then run like fcuk.:wink:

Rosso! I had so many going :wink:

Might get a kicking next time I’m home :w00t:

pmsl :P:P:P:P

hahahahaha we got there in the end Nick! Nice effort!

Fine cover too - cheers Lewis!

Its because you were “illegally” dune-bashing they decided to enforce the confusing alcohol law. I don’t know how long you’ve been in UAE but all you had to do is go to the RTA head office and you could have got your UAE license made straight away. UK driving license holders don’t need to take any tests etc. (EDIT: sorry missed the part where you mentioned you’re not a resident)

On to the booze. Its all good when you’re out drinking in hotels, restaurants, bars etc but for your own private use the law is very confusing and strict. First of all you need the permit which by the way only allows you to buy a certain quantity. Secondly its all for home use. If for example, you got drunk in your house and even stepped out your front door and a policeman witnessed you drunk you’re fcked.

I’m going to be frank with you. Deportation is pretty much certain but you could also be looking at 5 years jail time unless laws have been changed. Get some legal advice if you must.

If you still have your passport what I’d do is cross the Oman border and get a plane out of there ASAP.

-A dude who lived in dubai for a year.