Ever regret selling a bike??

I think the only bike i ever regretted selling was my K8 GSXR 750 it was a sweet bike but i just found it too small. Thinking about it now if i had gotten adjustable rearsets and helibars I think it would have been grand. The R1 i had after it was good but found it a terrible low down compared to that bike. Wonder where it is now :unsure2:

That sure is a very nice bike :slight_smile:

I did the exact same thing on mine , changed the rears to Gilles Adjustable ones , but alas didnt make much difference , was still overall to small for me.

I was gonna say… WHY THE HELL DID YOU SELL THAT??? Good god, no wonder you regret it!

that’s a lovely looking bike…

i’m sure this is all helping.

Regret selling my CR500 … worth 3 times what i paid for it now . Should have put it in store with the TY250 … Want another one and can’t get one as good as the one I had :frowning:

Lol yeah not helping alright :), i think it probably feels a bit worse as i dont have a bike at the moment but that will change very soon i hope. J.C thats good too know about the rearsets not making much difference shame it was such a little bike well for me anyway

my old school Honda750k6 or my GT380 stinkwheel you seen the prices those buggers go for now !!


i want it :smiley:

I wish I’d never got rid of my Thundercat - I loved that bike.
They’re still booking more than I sold it for 4 years ago :frowning:
Would love to have another, but won’t get them in the condition now.

I’ve just bought a convertible and have hardly taken the bike out since!

Not sure I can justify it sitting in the garage as I don’t use it to commute any more, but know I’m going to regret it if I sell her!! :unsure:

I do regret selling my 600RR, would have made a lovely track bike but i needed the cash to upgrade :slight_smile:

I don’t regret selling my old CB500. Great as a project bike but not if you didn’t want to do your own maintenance. That’s not because it was unreliable, it was just old and most of it was worn out.

That’s exactly why I won’t ever sell my 1982 CB900F if I can help it. It’s not worth a load now but I’d never be able to get one in the same condition for that money in the future. Now I just need a garage to keep it in and another ‘everyday’ bike - oh, and a lottery win!

my SV1000S…now i want another one!

What a question to rub salt into a wound as you remember oldflames :wink:

Actually I think I’d have everyone of my ex bikes backbecause each had a something. From the two stroke madness of the RD250B orstoic (we based this on a you know who Brit bike) XS650 to the unitrak handlingof the GPz305 to the radical ‘new’ look of the GS650 Katana, and as for thequirky Moto Guzzi V50, well I think only a rider of an Italian bike knows whereI’m coming from.

Marlboro RD500, had to go when we moved here.

I’ll have to post back when I sell one… :slight_smile:

Regret selling blackbird just got it to exactly how i wanted then BAM missus up duff need car

i will get another one day tho but duno if will be same :crying: