Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run

Sunday 7th September 2008
The Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle run
Participants will once again leave Ford Dunton Technical Centre and make their way to historic Harwich. As in 2007 the run promises to be a fantastic event for bike fans, bike riders and the general public alike. The 2007 run smashed all previous records, raising in excess of £35,000 for the county’s life-saving helicopter.

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Only seems 5 mins since the last one:)

Will be there:cool:

Dates now on the Calender:D If the weather is as good as last year it’ll be a belter!

Nathan will still want volunteers like last year but I know a few of us felt that we would rather participate this year :wink:

Enjoyed the run last year, will be making an appearance again this year :slight_smile:

Agree with Lusty…was disappointed in the way things went last year with us marshals, so much so that i think this year i will be one joining the other riders down…not sure i will even be at the dunton meet first…might just catch up to everyone on route…but yeh, i will be there again…this is my 5th year now…always good to see people and friends down there…i just love all the people who come out along the route to wave to us and take pics !!:slight_smile:

Hey Lusty

I will check with J, but will most prob be available to marshal this year again. Agreed that on the day the marshalls could have been a bit better catered for. But I enjoyed it last year, so dont mind doing it again this year.


That’s great news, just drop me a pm :kiss:

im registered for it :smiley:

BUMPED !!! stick it in your diaries

this is a great day out people, well worth the money !!!

Planning to still have a bike by then? :hehe:

Missed it last year, because of broken shoulder. Going to try to make it again this year,

Blade maybe we could meet up at redbridge station again, and go from there


Ian? we will meet at Mcdonalds on the 127 as last year? i will be there and go on this but im not going to marshal again…i wasnt happy with others that left early and we were left to clear all the barriers etc away before we could leave? it took so long as we were shorthanded, that by the time we left, we couldnt even catch anyone up !! For me the fun of the day is being with the majority riding along and arriving at Harwich? And it was ruined for me. To leave us to work double was a bit out of order…everyone who was marshalling should have seen it through…saying that? i think we should have been looked after with the water a bit better too…it was way too hot and we couldnt get away from our stations…would be good to take that into account for this year?So Ian, i can meet u at Mcds and we can make our way to Dunton…talk to you nearer the time and we will keep bumping this up…:smiley:

Hope to make this missed last one :smiley:

[quoteSo Ian, i can meet u at Mcds and we can make our way to Dunton…talk to you nearer the time and we will keep bumping this up…:smiley:
is that the one just passed the flyover ?Ian

BUMPED !!!:smiley:

Come on everyone…this is a good day out and a good cause.!!!

Lets have LB ride out show our support…sign up NOW !!!

happy to arrange a meeting point so we can arrive together and ride up together.


will be in somerset but have a good one :slight_smile:

I’m on holiday otherwise would definately have made it… I’ll make a donation though, show my support that way! :slight_smile:

Agreed that this is a fantastic day out (I have been to the last 5!)

I know the guys that are organising it are looking for marshals again this year. TBH it’s not a great job but it’s for a good cause, so if you want to help, please PM me.