Engine Braking with Fly-by-Wire

May sound like a stupid question to the more technically minded among us on the forum. But is it necessary to blip the throttle while engine braking when riding a bike with fly-by-wire throttle control?

I would have thought so. Fly By Wire normally means the throttle is not linked by cable, but is computer controlled depending on the throttle open position. It wont stop the back wheel locking up, you need a slipper clutch for that.

Its always good practice to match engine speed with gearbox speed on downshifts. Fly-by -wire makes no difference to how you ride a bike, it’s just another way of linking your right hand to the back wheel;)

Interesting question and not sure of the answer, but will go with BigSV as that sounds more logical.

Only thing is to try it and see :slight_smile:

Haha will prob end up stacking it :smiley: Found out what that movement was in the front suspension that we were talking about at Borough. SeanR6 let me know it the floating brake disks.

Is it true that a slipper clutch will only reduce the potential of the wheel locking up rather than eliminating the problem?

Ah right, yeah thats the one, Andyp69 zx9r does that with his floating discs…

fly by wire has nowt to do with engine breaking.

slipper ctuch’s are weird things. The better the slipper the more you can peg it down a gear and the clutch will steady the rear wheel and stop it hopping under heavy breaking. They do not make it so you can just drop a gear, dump the clutch and all will be ok. I find the bike ‘backs in’ loads with a slipper wheras before it would start to back in then the rear would hop and bang like a mother fooker.

Sigma seem to be the ones used most in 600’s but mine is standard yamaha as we have to run them that way :frowning:

oh…and i can’t imagine a slipper clutch being of any use on the road

oops didn’t directly adress your question…

yes a slipper completely eliminated the rear wheel locking up…BUT…it does not mean that it will instantly match rear wheel speed to the speed you are going thus you still loose rear end traction at the initial bite stage.

:w00t:Cheers for that mate appreciate it. So i suppose the long and the short of it is stick with blipping the throttle :hehe:

fly-by-wire is supposed to computer adjust throttle input to the engine to maximise the way the engine spins up (helps smooth out clumsy/overly agressive throttle input).

Just aswell i have it then:P


Just get up to about 150 MPH, clutch in, down to first and release clutch.


I’ve often wondered how you bump start a slipper clutch because in theory its impossible:w00t:

if it was like a freewheel on a bycicle it would be impossible in that it would just spin one way and drive the other…but a slipper only engages under relatively large forces and generally high rpm…not 5mph bump starts. Think centrifugal clutch then add a standard clutch and a bit of jiggery pokery…

So are we saying you can’t bump start it in the old fashined way…ie run and jump on?

sorry…i need to be clearer. yes you most definately can. a slipper clutch only engages when you go over/near redline. Thus the rest of the time it works normally.

Right I gotcha, thanks Seb:)

read this mate and you’ll be a regular ex’spert’!


none of the race bikes i worked on ever had slippers, more like hob nail boots:D