Engine Braking with Fly-by-Wire

i think if i had a better slipper clutch, as opposed to the standard one which grabs fecking hard sometimes, i’d make more use of it. Lighter clutch plates let it spin up easier but i had to take them out due to fears they could blow so i ride like i don’t even have one tbh.

Seb would alot, even most racers ride like that??

it would also depend on how much slip you have set the clutch to have…
and how much engine braking your bike has

im not shure about the standard r6 slipper but the sigma in my k4 750 can be set up via the clutch pack hight and the push rod clearance.

mine works more or less at any rpm to different degrees.

if you bang in down at high rpm you have here and feel it working

but even if you just drop a cog at 5000 rpm you can feel the push rod clicking back threw the lever as the clutch basket goes up the ramp giving a small about of slip.

iv got to say i love it it doesnt make me faster and isnt really needed on the road but it still makes life easy and its one less thing to think about as you breaking hard for a corner.

i have no idea. Everyone rides in their own little way but i’m sure some make best use of the slipper better than me. i s’pose i go down the gears a lot faster than i did when i didn’t have one…but if it span up quicker i’d make more use of it.

have a listen to joe burns making good use of the one on his R6 round donnington…

this guys is fast

brittish 125gp champion. fast as lordy!.

Wow that guy has talent. Im off to borough mkt now thanks for al the info guys. Best of luck with your future races Seb.

are they hard to fit yourself?

haha what would actually happen if you did that?! [if u had a slipper]