Easter Sunday, Supersilly Superduke rideout take 2.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Asbo was unable to join us on this historic rideout last weekend.

Groundhog alert.:smiley:

So, Ace departure 9.30am

Arrive Jacks Hill 11.00am

No knobbers, 125s, Speedmasters, jibbers, moaners, Devonians or people who like pink fluffy fairies.

Harleys, Italian exotica and big scooters welcome.

Leaving Jacks Hill we will progress to several other esoteric destinations with lunch, fuel, ice creams and bends on the agenda before returning to the Ace before bedtime.

We need to show Asbo how to go round corners without putting his leg out. Bonus creme eggs for reporting a quivering thigh.:w00t:

Limited to ten bikes.

Sign up below:



If you fancy a trip into Cheltenham for a cuppa, let me know and I’ll get some supplies in :slight_smile:

No promise of home made cake as it would be better not having to stop for the toilet every 5 mins :smiley:


Serves yer right for this morning:D

This is a distinct possibility:)

  1. How much off road parking do you have?

  2. There must be a shop nearby selling cake you can visit


Touche (e with an accent) !

still cant come along anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

bet it wont be as warm as last week:Whistling:

  1. We would fit 10 bikes in easily - no garage but should be easily plenty of room unless all other flats suddenly have guests with cars at the same time… to be honest it would probably more likely be a case of not fitting/ nowhere to sit in the flat itself (10-12 max should be fine but cosy) :w00t:

  2. If you do decide to come shop bought cake will be provided :wink:

  3. I have mentioned this without ok’ing it with my brother who lives there permanently - shouldn’t be an issue unless he’s bringing a girl round which on a Sunday is blasphemy - I’m sure he knows that! :smiley:

That’s why moaners were on the exlusion list;) Should be fine, but don’t bother with the Factor 15 this week:)

Point 3. He just said “no problem” so from my end just let me know at some point if you’re coming and I will get supplies in!

Sneaky me told him some friends were coming… I never said how many :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Will have to stick my name on the list for round de-ja-vu…

All depends on whether my new tyres get delivered tmro and I’ll get em fitted on sat, think last wend just about finished off my rear!!! (no comments please :w00t: )


Won’t be able to attend this ride either :frowning:

Hopefully at some point in the future. Sound fun already. ASBO hope you enjoy yourself mate.

Ha ha… i like it

Sorry guys… dont think i can make it, i’ll be washing my hair :Whistling:

I’ll be there, ready to rock and roll… this bikes much quieter than the supermoto, honest :wink:

That explains why you stand the way you do…

looking at how the weather is at the moment, i think we’ll be lucky to get 5 riders let alone 10

Ive already been told off for getting my nice shiny new bike while it was pissing down and then proceeding to get her all dirty… Just need to train the chic to clean it, preferably topless :w00t:

I don’t think these train well! Might make a decent replacement for a sponge though…

Does look like a good sponge :stuck_out_tongue:

I would post up another pic but then i wouldnt be alive by sunday :w00t: