Easter Sunday, Supersilly Superduke rideout take 2.

Can add ASBO’s Slow Friend… to the list :wink:

This is the first sports type bike ive road in my 15 years of riding… Im on a rideout with the Jets… Whats the worst that could happen? :w00t:

on a bit of sadnote .Jacks always makes me think now of nearly a year ago and the rideout that this photo was taken :frowning:

hoping to be along on sunday. will confirm on saturday night…

Well I’m in Cheltenham and the place looks… hospitable.

Weather was not too bad and even at 9pm wasn’t that cold (it wasn’t warm, but have definitely ridden through worse this year)…

Now chilling with a cold beer and a copy of Senna…

Hope to see you guys Sunday, if you manage to stop by! :slight_smile:

Been out on the bike tonight… bloomin freezing, should of took the time to dig out my thermal liners for my summer gloves. Only covered about 110-120miles so far.

Don’t worry too much, we’ll add a few on for you on Sunday:)

@Alex - we will be in touch over the weekend, your kind offer is much appreciated (you can’t back out now:w00t:)

We’re sure we’ll be able to find you but might want assistance with directions as the Jet-Nav is somewhere on a road near Dorking, probably in bits:D

Sure thing, I’ll PM you my mobile and address just in case…

Worst case I come out and meet you somewhere… :slight_smile:

@ASBO you’ve gone soft over in Afghanistan! It’s mild out here! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Friday and Saturday to finish my garden destruction and reconstruction, Sunday is bike day! See you at the Ace.


Worst case I come out and meet you somewhere… :slight_smile: yeah outside the driving test center , your not to far from there are you serrisan?:slight_smile:

Literally 30 secs walk from there… :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re in safe hands with rosso Jets :smiley:

Rosso (06/04/2012)

Heck yeah i have, i remember riding the BCR with Sneaky and MD in the snow with just my summer gloves. The desert makes you a pussy… ha ha

So we managed to hit 5 then have we? Including my mate who is tagging along

i’ll be there, weather permitting :slight_smile:

will confirm on saturday evening.

have you checked whether Jacks Hill cafe is open on bank holiday weekend ?

I will be heading over there Sunday as well as can make it this weekend

Count me in

I may have 2 others coming with me but if its bad weather they’ll pussy out

so are you still heading to Jacks cafe @ 11 ?

we will head over to say hello then probably go different route as westward is the wrong way :smiley:

Yea, we`ll meet up there but as you say it may be closed for refreshments.:slight_smile:

Hope you’ve explained the cornerman system to them;)

Is my face that ugly that i had to have my lid on???