Ducatis nicked - Kingston area

I’ve just found out that asbo and babyR have been stolen form a secure garage in Kingston.

It was obviously a professional job using a van as babyR had no rear shock.

Please look out for bits of serious bling on the web.


Link: https://picasaweb.google.com/JerryTeague/Brands2ndJune2010DucatiDayPitPics?authuser=0&feat=directlink


damn those are some fine bikes! :frowning:

hope you get them back!

I’m offering £5,000 for their return, no questions asked or for the prosecution of the thieves.

i agree, that 998 looks fantastic. will keep my eyes open for them…

Thanks. The 998 is a track bike only and the 749R is reg BX04 UGB

I can’t believe I’m reading this, Jerry. :sick:
I’ll give you a call tomorrow.

ah mate, gutted for you! hope you get them back.

aww thevieing c**ts really hope u get them back mate

I’m putting a full specification up on my blog: jerrysworlds.blogspot.com

gutted for you mate :crying:

Jerry that’s devastating… It you wan to assemble a search mob I’ll happily join…

ditto ^^
as you mentioned its a professional job so very hard task, but i’m in.
it hurts to see them gone even that they’re not my bikes. :frowning:

Mate , I feel physically sick for you , I always look at ur bikes and secretly covet them , I hope you get them back and the bastards pay for it.

As you say , secure location , gotta have known about them.

Gutted for ya

Thanks for your thoughts. Feeling pretty crap right now.

Sadly, I think the chance of finding them on the road like we did with Leons bike is pretty remote as the track bike has no number plate and the road bike has no shock so they’re likely to be holed up somewhere. However, because they’re so rare, if any of these parts came onto the market, we’d know. The Ducati people worldwide are looking for these bikes or parts and it’s going to be easier for the scrotes to return them and claim the reward than break them and risk selling the parts.

Could you please take a few minutes to print a couple of these:

Wanted poster

and distribute to your local dodgy boozer or back street garage? I really just want the bikes back TBH. The phone number is disposable.

OMG, that is really devasting news, I’m really really sorry for you. I’ll print out a couple of posters for you, every little bit helps…


Completely gut wrenching sorry jerry.

I’ve posted the poster up and tweeted it will get some printed tomorrow

fantastic - thanks VERY much! It’s great to see the support from the whole biker community.

ah **** sake Jerry… just got your voicemail. Utterly gobsmasked :angry: As you say, this isn’t a £2k cbr knicked by some idiot so we are unlikely to see it riding round kingston.

Have you thought of emailing all the major UK track day organisers, and asking them to show the pics to their instructors? They are the guys that will notice some of the bits on those bikes and undoubtably where those bikes will end up, on track days/racing etc.

Mate if there is anything you want me to do just say, happy to lend a hand sticking up posters at every popular bike meet etc just say and I am there.

P.S I have a garage that you can stick some stuff in if you are worried about any other kit you have? I’ll give you a call.

So sorry to hear :frowning:

My Dad’s got a busy MOT test centre & garage in Earlsfield, I’m going there tomorrow I’ll get a few posters stuck up!